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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A visit to Queen St, Woollahra

A clock tower on the corner of an antiques store. So French... And speaking of French, Genevieve Lethu is a must visit store for the kitchen and the table. If you can't make it to 53 Queen St Woollahra, visit http://www.genevievelethu.com.au/.
Gorgeous flowers and plants are displayed at this corner florist. We had lunch at the cafe next door under a tree.
And of course I couldn't resist a spot of antique hunting. A little outside my price range though! I made do with a lambswool throw blanket from Moss River, instead. Then it was time for a hot chocolate at Bills...


  1. Paterre must have been wonderful, definitely way beyond my price range nice to dream though I adore those butterflies.
    Lynette :)

  2. Parterre was good - but they have a great website which allows us to dream too! The butterflies under domes are very whimsical. I saw sea urchins under domes in another store (along with a mora clock for 10k!).