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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Richmond Antiques at the AAADA antiques show, Melbourne!

For the third year running, the Australian Antiques and Art Dealer's Association is holding its annual Melbourne antiques show at the Royal Exhibition Building.  I once again will be assisting Richmond Antiques of Tasmania with their stand.  I find so much fun and excitement in setting up!  So much so that I can admit I didn't mind being roped along yet again.  Well, someone has to do it, right?

If you live in Melbourne or are planning to visit, here are the dates and times for the show;

Wednesday 24th April, 6pm - 9pm (Gala Preview)

Thursday 25th April, 1pm – 7pm (Anzac Day)

Friday 26th April, 11am - 7pm

Saturday 27th April, 11am - 7pm

Sunday 28th April, 11am - 5pm

You can find more information here.

I will be taking some pictures of my favourite stands and objects during the fair and will report back!

Until next time,

Friday, April 12, 2013

new in store...a French 19th century clothes rail!

Image from here

We have a piece I believe to be worthy of the most chic Parisian clothing boutique, (a gorgeous Chanel store, comes to mind), now on the floor at The Drill Hall Emporium! 

It is a French late 19th century ebonised wood and brass clothes rail, complete with wheel castors.  We acquired this piece a few years ago from an ex French chateau clearing sale.  At the time I found it, it was in pieces in an attic, and I think no one else quite recognised what it was.  Luckily for us!
It then sat in our store room awaiting reassembly which has only just happened over the last week.  Why did we wait so long to put it together, you are probably thinking.  Well, if you are at all familiar with our store, you would know that we are always overflowing with goodies and it has taken until now to have enough room to say yes, it will fit! 

Look at the turned brass detail on this finial.  So very classic.  I believe that it could have once been used by a Parisian couturier, where their latest designs were hung awaiting stylish clients.  Perhaps it was owned by Coco Chanel herself at some point in time?  My imagination is running a little wild, I must confess! 

Image from here
This is an example of another such rail I have seen before in an antiques store on my travels, it is in golden oak and also with a brass rail. 
 Image from here

This example above is more art deco in style, it would date to around the 1920s, and is cast iron with brass rails.  Of the three, I think ours is perhaps the nicest?   
 Image from here
Now, what to do with such a piece in todays world?  As well as the obvious ideas of a clothing or wedding dress boutique, it could actually fit well into a spacious bedroom or a dressing room if you are so lucky to have such a thing!  A girl can sure dream...

In the mean time, until our rail finds its new home, it is quite happy at The Drill Hall Emporium being used to display our French linen aprons.  Or is it begging for some couture?

Until next time,