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Monday, September 24, 2012

At home with May and Axel Vervoordt recipes for every season

Isn't this image so very beautiful in its simplicity?  That is what I thought when I opened straight to this page of a gorgeous book that was given to me for my recent birthday.  It is from a book titled At Home with May and Axel Vervoordt, Recipes for Every Season.  You may already be aware that I am one of Axel's biggest fans and whilst this book is more from May's perspective in terms of styling and food, I see Axel's influence throughout the book.  Axel describes his wife's ability to make table settings look like still life paintings and he also admires her respect for ingredients and her creativity with cooking. 

And indeed, the front cover could be used for a still life!  I love the grey colours on the rustic table.  

Here is an outdoor table prepared with food.  I did a double take with the green bowl, we have only just had such a bowl with a pouring lip come in to our store! 

So now I am wondering whether I share some of May's passion for beautiful earthy serving pieces.  And she describes within the book her weakness for buying baskets and collecting wooden spoons.  I can also relate to this problem...

May also has a fetish for these Georgian English tazzas, I can admit to owning a few myself.  But doesn't it look gorgeous presented with these flaky pumpkin tarts?  She writes "sharing food with friends is a timeless gift that delights the palate and inspires memories".  Beautifully worded. 

This book is more than just pretty pictures, the pictures are accompanied by recipes such as this wild mushroom dish.  I can't wait to trial a few.

I was also given these beautiful gift cards letterpressed by my sister Rachel.  I will have to admit to being thoroughly spoilt!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Swedish slagbord tables and simple Swedish style

Image from here

I can't believe how quickly the time has passed since loading our shipment in July!  We should be receiving it this week some time and I am very excited, particularly when I start to remember what we have coming. 

One of my very favourite pieces is an original c.1800 Swedish slagbord table that we were lucky enough to find, similar to the example above.  It was only yesterday that I was going through my latest Veranda issue and there was one featured in a beautiful American home.  These tables are oh so stylish as they are usually quite simplistic and straight in design.  As such, they can often be contrasted with more detailed or elaborate dining chairs. 

Here is our table.  I have since done a little research on these tables as I was unfamiliar with the term slagbord.  It literally translates to gateleg table and therefore refers to the folding construction.  The more desirable slagbords have a lime washed finish like ours, or those with some remnants of original paint.  You can also find reproduction versions, but why would you want a reproduction when you can have a piece with so much more charm and history?  Reproductions have a place I guess, just not in our store (or my home, for that matter!). 

Here is our table folded.  You can see why I was excited with it, not only is it gorgeous it fitted into the shipment easier because it folds up!  But this also makes it a more practical piece in the home, it can be folded away when not in use if space is tight. 

The hinges underneath the table show its age and character.
Image from here

Here is another Swedish slagbord table used more in a casual setting.  I love the chairs, by the way. 

For all my local customers and for any one else who may be considering visiting the store, we will be closed this coming Wednesday 5th September for around 10 days.  I will let you know when we reopen with all our exciting new goodies.  I am rubbing my hands together with anticipation, but that could also be from the cold! 

Have a wonderful week, and I will post sneak peak images as we are sorting...