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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

new in store...amazing copper bowl, ex Hobart jam factory!

This copper bowl is definitely the largest piece of copper we have had in the store, in nearly 20 years of dealing!  We had to literally turn it on its side to get in through our front door.  I knew we would have trouble finding a spot for it in the store, and sure enough it caused major shuffling of other pieces.  It is presently on the long French farmhouse table, but it is even too wide for this.  

I believe the bowl to date to the late 19th century and it is reputedly from the Hobart IXL jam factory situated on Hobart's wharf.

Image from here

According to Wikipedia the IXL was first established by Henry Jones in 1891, initially named H.Jones & Company.  The IXL brand "I excel in everything I do" was Henry Jones's personal motto. If this bowl is indeed from his jam factory, he definitely excelled in commissioning the most amazing commercial sized copper bowl!  If any one can confirm that this bowl is indeed from the IXL jam factory, we would really appreciate hearing from you.

You may recall in a previous post my rave about a French copper patisserie bowl from our latest buying trip?  I bragged about its size, and how we have not had a bowl as big before.  Well, here is that said bowl within our newest jam factory bowl! A little lost perhaps?

I now wonder about the future for this piece, it would be truly wonderful if it could be put to its original purpose of making jam.  We may just need to find a bigger spoon!

Alternatively, I can't help but imagine it as a unique feature in a garden.  Can anyone else see this?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

our new shop transformation...update

We have been working on the transformation of our new property for the past 2 and a half weeks and I think it is starting to look really great.  Whilst the bones of the shop were already good, particularly the facade and the front room with its timber floors and exposed brick walls, it lacked a little love and attention.  It has sure had it's fair share of this over the last few weeks!  Above is the front of the store, the timber has been given a polish to protect it from further weather damage.  It also gave a better depth of colour. 

The paper covering the windows is for privacy while we work inside.  After all, we are wearing our super daggy painting gear!  We argue who has to go to the hardware store for supplies as we really should not be seen in public in our renovating garb. 

The pictures on the paper have been hand stamped and give a little hint about the type of shop we will be opening.  I am not sure if you can make out the images, if not you will have to keep guessing.  Sorry.  

In the front room (my favourite place to be) the plaster partially covering the brick walls has been totally removed, the industrial light fittings are up and the floor has been given some love, also creating a nice depth of colour.  You can see that it is still drying in the above image. We plan to hand wax it over the next few days for added protection.

This is an image at the back of the store, it looks a bit like a construction site at the moment, but you must believe me when I say how much better it looks now the massive ugly aluminium window is history and now replaced with these timber barn style doors!  Aluminium is of course easier to maintain but I am a timber girl and would prefer to repaint every few years if need be.  

The doors from the exterior, they need a bit of attention but will look great with a fresh coat of paint.  I can't help but imagine them opened up in the warmer months to a nice courtyard out the back.  I am not sure if I will want to go home after a day in this store!

This early 20th century pine window has also replaced yet another big ugly aluminium framed window.  Relief.

We hope to be open by mid December, all going well with the makeover.  I will keep you posted if and when we have a date.  Watch this space.

Thank you everyone for your interest in our new venture, we are so very excited and appreciate all positive comments!

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

new in store...vintage French cutlery boxes

Whilst we are busy, busy, busy renovating our new store property I still managed to find a little time for my first love, The Drill Hall Emporium.  These vintage French boxes are quite adorable, I think, and have only just arrived in store. 


The boxes have old cutlery advertising labels on the lids. 

If you are anything like me, you may be thinking that Christmas is in stores way to early.  And it just seems to be getting sooner every year.  A week ago I was in my local supermarket where the counter staff were all wearing red Christmas hats.  And at that time it was 6 weeks to go!  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, I also like preparing a little earlier these days.  I have a cupboard where I put bits and pieces away as presents for loved ones over the course of the year, it helps to take the pressure off in the final week before the Christmas.  Anyway, forgive me in advance for this suggestion, but wouldn't these boxes make snazzy little gift boxes for Christmas to present antique cutlery?  Or a pair of French tea towels.  I love the thought that these boxes can be used as a unique gift box and then recycled and used to store all sorts of bits and bobs by the lucky recipient. 

On another note, I thought I would share a blog called Iced Vovo by one of local customers.  I am flattered that Jo asked me if I would answer a few of her interview questions to form a post.  You may know our Drill Hall story but if not, click the image for a link to Jo's Iced Vovo blog!

An emporium of dreams…

Drill Hall Emporium Building
When I first moved to Tasmania eight years ago I was thrilled and delighted to find the Drill Hall Emporium within walking distance of my ‘new’ heritage home. Being an avid lover of beautiful old objects I was like a Continue reading

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

our new shop transformation begins!

We are finally in our new property and the transformations have officially began!  Here you can see the front room of the store with the exposed brick walls and timber floors.  We had started stripping the mission brown painted floor when this image was taken.  Actually, I must apologise for the poor image quality, I took this photo with my phone!

The front room has pressed metal ceilings which are original and date to the early 1900s.  There are big fluorescent (arrhhh!) lights over the ceiling which will have to go...
to be replaced with these industrial European pendant lights which have black enamel shades and caged over frosted glass lamps.
Do you remember I mentioned that the property was once the town bakery, and that the original ovens are still on sight?  Well here is the exterior of the bakery and oven buildings.  We think the ovens may need some restoration, a future project!
Inside the bakery with the doors to the dutch ovens.  We shone a torch in them and they are so big! 

We are pretty busy at the moment with getting the property ready for our new store.  But I am so excited about it and believe that it will look really great after our hard work.   I will give an update in a few weeks.  We hope to be open a few weeks before Christmas, wish us luck!

Until next time,