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Saturday, November 27, 2010

a visit to a garden store and the Pigeon Hole in Hobart

Today I finally got around to visiting the much talked-about Karen Wagner garden store (I have even mentioned it in previous posts myself). It was filled to the brim with everything one could need for their garden... willow wigwams, pots, garden tools, bamboo cloches, buxus topiary and oh so much more. I think I will have to return just to take it all in (and to do some Christmas shopping!). Karen Wagner is also a garden consultant and designer. The shop window is very decorative.
The shelves are a feast for the eyes, particularly for the avid gardener. I saw many items that would make great gifts. Just a few doors up, someone has made the most of their small plot of land in front of their Victorian terrace home with a galvanised tank overflowing with vegetables.
At the Pigeon Hole Cafe in Goulburn Street I admired the Georgian sandstone houses across the road.
I ordered the salad "small plate" dish for lunch. And chef and owner Jay Patey did not let me down. It was almost too pretty to eat (but I tucked in anyway...). I followed up with an orange cake and a chai latte. The perfect end to my little outing. I feel very privileged to live in a city like Hobart with all its offerings.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

more mirrors...in store

This fabulous Venetian mirror dates to the early 20th century. It is wonderfully aged and has a great shape. It would look fine indeed in a bathroom. I have an old mirror already to put up in my bathroom (if my bathroom is ever completed!). If I didn't have one, I would be grabbing this mirror for sure. Very classic. This mirror I can see propped against a wall in a dressing room or bedroom. It would also suit a bridal gallery or similar boutique. It has the age related mottling of the glass that I mentioned in my previous post. This mirror has the best look of all. You wouldn't want to use it to see yourself too clearly though. It is purely for decorative appeal. The frame is an old silvery colour, which makes a nice change from gilt.

This is one of my favourite mirrors that we have had the pleasure of displaying in store (not for long though!). It sold so quickly because of the marble frame, it really made it a different mirror.

And speaking of different, these mirrors made from Victorian arched window frames are wonderful. We have had a few of these in the last year or two. We have sold out at the moment but plan to find some more on our next buying trip. These could go outside on a courtyard wall.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

antique mirrors to make a room

An early 20th century Venetian mirror in our store. I love the subtle pink tones in the frame.
Image from Alex MacArthur
A gilt mirror with a matched gilt console. The mirror has lovely "foxing" or age spots in the original plate glass.
Above 9 images from Eloquence, Inc.
A wonderful selection of mirrors available from Eloquence, Inc (in California, unfortunately!). I love the use of found objects in their displays - shells, coral etc. Oh, so stylish! An antique French mirror at home. It is mostly cream with gilt highlights. It has the original glass which is quite evident from the "foxing" or darker areas. I prefer mirrors that show age like this. Even larger mirrors such as this can sit easily on mantle pieces, no need to hang.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

a visit to a peony farm in Tasmania with olive oil tasting

How beautiful are these images of flowers? They are of peonies, in various stages of bloom. I particularly love the last image of the peony buds. And the colours of the flowers are simply wonderful. Donna and a friend were lucky enough to visit this peony farm in Brighton, Tasmania last weekend. The visit to the farm was organised by Karen Wagner garden consultant owner of Karen Wagner Design Studio and Garden Store which I mentioned in my previous post. The day included a tour of the farm and information on growing peonies as well as olive oil tasting made from olives grown on the farm. The group also enjoyed focaccia cooked in the outside wood fired oven.
The farm had the most wonderful potager (above). Oh, to have the space, the time, the know-how, the patience...in the mean time I will have to be content with drooling over these images.
Please note: Whilst I am happy and flattered for my own images from my other posts to be copied, I must ask please do not copy these images as they are not my own. I thank you for your understanding.

Friday, November 19, 2010

growing basil using a paper potter and an antique cloche

I was given this gorgeous little wooden tool called a "Paper Potter", which makes biodegradable seedling pots out of newspaper, for my birthday. I quickly made several pots...
Filled them with seed raising mix along with basil seeds...
Stored them under an antique glass propagation cloche on the warm kitchen window sill, keeping them moist...
A week later I was jumping up and down with excitement when my first little basil seedlings emerged...
A week after that the seedlings were bigger...
And eventually big enough to plant in the ground. The best part is, you can put the entire paper pot with the seedlings into the ground as the paper will biodegrade. Soon the basil will be ready for summer Italian dishes! To source your own "Paper Potter" try Karen Wagner Design Studio and Garden Store, 84 Warwick Street, Hobart. Happy gardening!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

veranda magazine featuring Swedish-inspired interiors

I received my very first Veranda magazine in the mail early in the week. And boy was I excited. I have read a few of these magazines in the past and enjoyed each one immensely. I was left with no other choice but to subscribe. I was instantly thrilled with the cover (above). How stylish. The blanc de chine (French for Chinese white) foo dogs and ginger jars, the obelisks and that green wall!
Page 72
This home is in the Aspen mountains and is Swedish inspired. The interior is very white with Gustavian furniture throughout. I could even live with all that snow if I lived in such a beautiful home!
Page 106
I adore this table setting, the highlight for me is the Delft and Chinese blue and white export vases and jars. The table is Swedish.
Page 105
The antique chairs and settee in this image are Gustavian. I love the soft colours of Gustavian furniture. And the French iron bistro table works a treat.
Page 93
This chinoiserie wallpaper is quite whimsical, but peaceful enough for a bedroom. It is made by de Gournay, specialists in hand painted wallpaper.
Page 92
A very Hollywood bathroom!
Page 109
And lastly, a room that is ready for Christmas (already?). The owner chose a "not-so-perfect" Fraser fir. It looks pretty perfect to me, anyone else?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

just arrived in store

Cushions made from vintage handwoven grain sack linen. Red or blue stripes with coordinating vintage buttons. They are so textural! A very large (and heavy) amethyst crystal geode or cave.
A canvas domed top steamer trunk with timber trims. It has a lift out compartment in the top and is in such original condition. Perfect for storage but also just looks good.