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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

more antique hunting in country Victoria and a gorgeous potting shed

An antique shop in Kyneton, Nicklebys Antiques, have a great range of French candelabra and many other decorative objects. The Restorer's Barn in Castlemaine is a great place for anyone in the middle of a renovation - whether it be a home or a piece of furniture. We picked up some skirting boards for our bathroom. And they have knobs, castors, handles, tools and every other bit and bob you could think of. We stopped for a cuppa at a cafe across the road from the Restorer's Barn. The old lettering on this cafe is not original but it looks effective.
In Maldon Lavender Lace and Living is a must see shop for all those who love beautiful linen and lace. They have an amazing range including French linens as well as many other gorgeous wares for the loved home.
An old Bushell's Tea sign above a shop in Maldon.
And another favourite shop of mine was The Red Store in Newstead, near Maldon. It is housed in the town's original 19th century General Store. The shelves are displayed with vintage household items and garden wares. There is also vintage furniture and many quirky pieces (for example, a broom that was nearly 2 metres wide, I am guessing it once swept a big warehouse or a wide footpath?). I also loved the invalids trolley piled high with suitcases (last photo, above). I think what made this shop so special was the use of the original old counters and shelving, I felt like I had went back 100 years in time.
The owner of the Red Store, Liz, took me out the back of the store where her partner had built her the most beautiful hothouse/potting shed from reclaimed materials. I have to admit, I was quite jealous! And the photo has inspired mum to build her own such hothouse. Doesn't the cloches and terracotta pots look great on the potting table?

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  1. So nice atmosfere her potting shed....nice things you show us today darling.....have a lovely day !! thanks Ria...