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Monday, October 24, 2011

trend alert! antique tin and copper tubs as planters

I have only just arrived home from my overseas buying trip and as I was going through my pictures I noticed I was drawn to plants and trees in antique tin or copper tubs. The above olive tree has been planted into a large copper tub which has a fantastic verdigris patination. What a statement piece!
Outside a trendy antiques store in the Cotswold's are these tin tubs with numbers painted on them. They hold a bay tree and lavender but would also work well with herbs.
I saw several of these unusual slatted tubs at the trade fairs but was unsure what they could be used for. I am now kicking myself as I later saw them planted with buxus, above, to great effect. I have since learned that these are original olive buckets and that they also work well upside down as light shades! I will secure some of these on my next buying trip, don't worry.
The two larger tubs above are actually dolly tubs, used for washing clothes. They look great with buxus but I have seen them planted with olive trees and this looks amazing. We have one of these dolly tubs in store at the moment and have one on the way in our next shipment. They will hopefully make a nice pair?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

fair finds...santos doll and petite French mannequin!

After a full day at a large antique trade fair I managed to find some wonderful antiques including this wooden Santos doll and a French mannequin of small proportions. Santos dolls are very hard to find, I was quite giddy when I saw it being unloaded from a stall holder's van. My favourite wicker trolley was crucial for carting my finds. Actually, I had fellow antique dealers wanting to buy my trolley from me, but somethings are just not for sale! I selected some garden antiques at the fair, including garden urns and tables. I can't wait to get them home to the store. I also happened upon some French vendage or wine harvesting tables. I bought one that has the most beautiful apple wood top, it is large and oval and flips up for storage.
The BBC were filming for an upcoming program of Bargain Hunt, featuring none other than the charismatic Tim Wonnacott. Quite an eventful and satisfying day, I must say!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

French antique finds at a gorgeous showroom

I have been very busy here in the UK visiting my favourite trade showrooms and thought I should show you some of my finds so far. Look at how everything is so carefully displayed, above, it all looks so interesting.
These are possibly the best stools I have ever seen! They are so tall, strong, and masculine. I have only ever seen such stools within the pages of interior magazines. They would make great breakfast stools at a kitchen bench.
I had a wonderful collection of French white porcelain to choose from. I particularly like the sauce boats and chose several of these.
These are antique French milliner's heads, used for making hats. They are very rare indeed.
Look at these painted and gilded stools - not one but a pair! The table has a lovely decorated top as well...
I bought this French long stool with a removable antique French ticking cover. It would be perfect at the end of a bed.
Polished steel shoe lasts converted to door stops, very clever!
I bought the mercurised glass jars next to the lasts as I think they would make a great pair of bedside lamps. I have been to quite a few trade fairs here too and have found some truly great pieces. More photos to come!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

buying trip begins with inspiration in London

Well, this may come as a surprise to some but I arrived in London this week for an antiques buying trip for the store. And we started the week off at the inspirational Decorative antiques and Textiles Fair in Battersea Park in London. Here is a collection of photos that I took at the fair (when I was focused enough to do so and not snapping my head around to look every which way I could!). I hope you find the gorgeous objects in these pictures as inspiring as I do...
It has been a very busy week travelling around. I will post more pictures over the next few weeks, especially of my favourite finds.