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Monday, October 24, 2011

trend alert! antique tin and copper tubs as planters

I have only just arrived home from my overseas buying trip and as I was going through my pictures I noticed I was drawn to plants and trees in antique tin or copper tubs. The above olive tree has been planted into a large copper tub which has a fantastic verdigris patination. What a statement piece!
Outside a trendy antiques store in the Cotswold's are these tin tubs with numbers painted on them. They hold a bay tree and lavender but would also work well with herbs.
I saw several of these unusual slatted tubs at the trade fairs but was unsure what they could be used for. I am now kicking myself as I later saw them planted with buxus, above, to great effect. I have since learned that these are original olive buckets and that they also work well upside down as light shades! I will secure some of these on my next buying trip, don't worry.
The two larger tubs above are actually dolly tubs, used for washing clothes. They look great with buxus but I have seen them planted with olive trees and this looks amazing. We have one of these dolly tubs in store at the moment and have one on the way in our next shipment. They will hopefully make a nice pair?


  1. Wowwww they all look very great !!!...enjoy your week darling !!...love from me...xxx...

  2. Hi Tammy,

    Good to have you back home safe and sound! I love the patina of the unusual pots that you have shown in this post.

    I think we've all done it, let something go and then kicked ourselves later when we see it being used to great effect.

    One of my favourite plants is the good ol' trusty box hedges, love them, and still planting them in my garden here. Takes a while for them to take off but when they do it doesn't seem to take long till they are touching.

    Did you find anything nice for yourself while you were away?

    Hope you're having a great day.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  3. Love those slatted tubs too Tammy!
    Millie x

  4. Hi everyone, thank you for your comments. I did find a few things for myself (I didn't take photos, I am sorry, I will show them off when they arrive). I bought a set of Belgium limed oak chairs for my informal dining area in my living room as well as two French bowls that are just cream and lovely. And big! I can't wait for the shipment to arrive but I have to be patient as it may take months. Thanks again, and until next time, Tammy