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Thursday, December 5, 2013

a lunch at The Agrarian Kitchen to celebrate Rodney Dunn's cookbook!

Back in October we were lucky enough to be invited to a lunch at The Agrarian Kitchen to celebrate the launch of Rodney Dunn's much anticipated first cookbook.  The weather could not have been more perfect for the day...partly sunny, no wind and quite mild. 
 An extra long, beautifully decorated table was set up in the front garden of the cooking school, beneath large trees for shade.  It was all so picture perfect I was so pleased I remembered to take the camera.   
 Delicious brioche buns supplied by Jay Patey, founder of Pigeon Hole Cafe and Pigeon Whole Bakers, were set up on a serving table

to accompany the delicious roast pig!  I believe Rodney (pulling the meat apart, above) arose at some terribly early hour that day to get the pig roasting and cooked in time.  Yummy coleslaw and relish made this a fabulous pork roll!

Iced tea was served in a mid-20th century drink dispenser alongside locally made (as in just down the road!) apple cider.  Dessert consisted of a rhubarb, meringue and pistachio tart that Alistair Wise, of Sweet Envy, just "whipped up".  I wish I could just "whip up" a creation like this! 

And here is the cookbook itself!  Obviously it is a pure delight, no tricks, just good food using seasonal and available produce.  I have already made a few dishes from it and a list of the others that I would like to try.  We supplied some of the props used through the book, I had a great time spotting bits and pieces from our store!  You can buy your signed copy direct from The Agrarian Kitchen via their website.

Did I mention our sister store, Flywheel printed the letterpress invitations for the day?  Simple and honest, no tricks here either.

Until next time,