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Monday, October 1, 2012

antiques fair soon at Runnymede in Tasmania!

Runnymede New Town Tasmania National Trust property Photo © KLW NFC Imprint. 2012 from here

Late next week we are lucky enough to be exhibiting at an antiques and decorative arts fair at the historic National Trust property Runnymede in New Town, Tasmania. The event is being organised by Warwick Oakman of Warwick Oakman Antiques and Gemma Webberley, Runnymede's curator. Along with ourselves and Warwick Oakman, other exhibitors include Despard Gallery, Eaglemont Antiques, Evandale Antiques, J.B Hawkins, Leven Antiques, Miles Davis Keilar Antiques, Ricketty Rix Antiqus and Walkers of Richmond. As such, there will be a fantastic and diverse range of antiques, art and objects.

We will be setting up in the kitchen, above. It has a fantastic stone floor and nice simple white walls which will show off our pieces really well. Then it is just a matter of deciding on what pieces to take! We have a gorgeous little Tasmanian huon pine dresser which I think would suit the property. We will also take 19th century garden furniture for the courtyard and gardens, which are really beautiful. I am quite excited, I love planning for fairs!
Four wheeled buggy 1889-1890 Werners Coach Builders at Runnymede New Town TasmaniaCreator(s):Werners Coach BuildersDate: 1890 -Description: Four wheeled buggy constructed between 1889-1890 by Werners Coach Builders Argyle Street Hobart.Photo © KLW NFC Imprint 2012 ARR Image from here
There will be antiques exhibited in the stables or coach house, above. Again, a gorgeous stone floor!
Runnymede has a fantastic history. It is a rare 19th century whaling family’s home named after Captain Charles Bayley’s favourite ship, Runnymede. It was the home of members of the family for more than 100 years.
Friday 12th October - Sunday 14th October 10am until 5pm. (10-4 on the Sunday). Entry $10 proceeds of which go to the National Trust of Tasmania. Refreshments available throughout the event.



  1. Hello Tammy:
    This all sounds to be very exciting. We do hope that you will also post about this event when it is over so that we can see what pieces you decided to take and how you arranged them.

  2. Happy week darling...and good luck !...love Ria...xxx..

  3. This sounds like a fabulous event, I plan to be there, I also have never been to Runnymede despite living so close.

  4. Thanks for the full citation from KLW NFC Imprint.

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