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Monday, October 29, 2012

the world of pinterest! and amazing kitchens

Where have I been living?  Why has it taken me so long to find Pinterest?  This is what I am now asking myself after my recent discovery of this online pinboard where you can organise and share things you love.  I think vaguely I have come across it over the last year.  But not so much that I have put too much time in to scanning all of the amazing images pinned by seemingly like minded interior lovers!

As you may know my kitchen is complete, although I could imagine one day in a few years giving the cupboards a change of colour.  But I still love looking at other kitchens!  And if I were looking for inspiration I would definitely head to Pinterest for a fix.  Look at these industrial kitchens that I found!

I love the over sized pendant lighting in this kitchen, and the brick walls.  How fabulous!  But there is so much more to see on Pinterest then interiors.  I am headed back there now to drool a little more.

And guess what?  The Drill Hall Emporium has been pinned quite a bit!  That makes me feel very special.

Until next time,


  1. I love pinterest...i will take a look at your board now.....i am doing it for 6 weeks now it is so nice !!...love Ria...xxx..

  2. Tammy ??..i can;t find your pinboards.....can you give me the link ???...love Ria....xxx

  3. Hello Tammy:
    As absolute technophobes we have yet to discover the world of Pinterest. Are we the last people on earth to know what it is? Still, we have only just mastered the art of the mobile telephone so this is nothing new!!!

    It is always good to see new ideas as they make one rethink one's own views in a different way. It all adds spice to life and to kitchens we think!!

  4. Hi Tammy...I haven't pinned either, I'm there with Jane and Lance. I think once I got started that would be it. I'd never leave the computer! I have nearly 5,000 images saved to a special file. Imagine if I pinned all of those!!!

    I think the first image is my favourite Tammy. Love looking at kitchen images too, actually anything to do with interiors.

    Nearly another week down, I'm on the countdown to putting up the Christmas tree. I think it will take me a couple of days to remember where I've stored all the decorations.

    Hope you are well.

    Take care

    1. Hi Janine,

      WOW! 5000 images is quite a few. I think I have 1000+ on my phone, not sure about my computer. Hmmm. And the funny thing is how I rarely print my images anymore, I guess it would cost a small fortune!

      I really like the blue in the first image, it is so soft but I think it is brave to go a colour like that. It definitely works, though.

      I have just been pinning images, if that is the right terminology, it is heaps of fun. But just as much fun to look at all the images on there.

      Have a great weekend, Tammy xx