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Saturday, October 8, 2011

French antique finds at a gorgeous showroom

I have been very busy here in the UK visiting my favourite trade showrooms and thought I should show you some of my finds so far. Look at how everything is so carefully displayed, above, it all looks so interesting.
These are possibly the best stools I have ever seen! They are so tall, strong, and masculine. I have only ever seen such stools within the pages of interior magazines. They would make great breakfast stools at a kitchen bench.
I had a wonderful collection of French white porcelain to choose from. I particularly like the sauce boats and chose several of these.
These are antique French milliner's heads, used for making hats. They are very rare indeed.
Look at these painted and gilded stools - not one but a pair! The table has a lovely decorated top as well...
I bought this French long stool with a removable antique French ticking cover. It would be perfect at the end of a bed.
Polished steel shoe lasts converted to door stops, very clever!
I bought the mercurised glass jars next to the lasts as I think they would make a great pair of bedside lamps. I have been to quite a few trade fairs here too and have found some truly great pieces. More photos to come!


  1. Great things !!!!!...wowwwww...enjoy a happy weekend......love from me...xxx..

  2. Hey Tammy,

    Everything looks so wonderful.

  3. Tammy,

    Back again, just had to see if it printed! Didn't want to gush and lose the lot, that would never do.

    So many gorgeous things. Just when you think you've seen most things, something else comes along.

    Love the furniture, especially the long stool. I wish our bedroom was a little bigger so I could put one there. Those stools are simply stunning. So well built and really nice proportions. Those silver shoe lasts are definately different and I really like that they have made them into doorstops. I appreciate the unusual french milliners heads...... Enjoy the rest of your time away, safe travelling!

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  4. Hi Janine, thank you for calling in and for your thoughtful and kind comments. I am glad that a few pieces caught your eye, I am fond of the long stool myself! Have a great weekend, Tammy

  5. Truly gorgeous!The furniture looks enticing, both hues and carving. The mercury glass jars caught my eye though:Thanks!Hope you had a great Christmas!Have a great year ahead.