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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A treasure for myself...finally!

Well, I may be exaggerating with the "finally" bit - I have found some small bits and pieces for myself along the way, including a Victorian creamware foot basin for my bathroom, a French watercress straining bowl for my kitchen and an early c.1800 glass celery vase for absolutely any room of the house. But nothing major until today. And I must admit I am often just as pleased by a small 2o pound purchase as I am by a more serious one. But we came across an Irish Regency convex mirror (shown in the second photo, above) with a lovely shell motif and the original glass in a quirky trade showroom and fell in love. We certainly didn't need it but we just had to have it. For our shop we bought some c.1900 globes on stands and Victorian apothecary bottles. And I had to smile with the unique use for discarded tweed coats and vintage flags - reupholstering armchairs, of course! I tried the tweed covered armchair out and found it to be cosy indeed.

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  1. Love those chairs in the top photo but that last one with the tweed is fantastic absolutely love it! Glad you found some treasures for yourself I cannot wait for your finds to make it to the store I will be the first there!
    Lynette :)