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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

some of my favourite Pinterest pins this week...

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As you may already know I happily confess to a healthy addiction to Pinterest.  I am even more so hooked then when I last gushed about it in October and December last year.  There are so many beautiful images such as this picture of a French chair in front of a carved blue grey French cupboard, above. You can check out my ever-growing pin boards here.  I love looking at what other people like, you get an idea of what inspires people.  In fact, of the pinners I follow I can generally guess who has pinned it from the image alone. 
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For example, as soon as I saw this image of pink and cream roses in blue glass bottles, I instantly knew that it was from my good blogging friend Ria.  She pins the most beautiful images, from all aspects of life - animals, interiors and even the humble preserve jar of which she has dedicated an entire board!  Not to mention her "oh dear oh deer" board, just for deers!  How sweet.

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Just as I knew that this casual outdoor dining image was from the gorgeous Ria.  It is bang on her style, relaxed yet so beautiful, not to mention inspiring.  You can see Ria's Pinterest boards here.

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And I just knew that the above image was pinned by none other than my mum, aka in the Pinterest world as Bonsai Queen, who has a passion for English cottage gardens.  You can see her pin boards here, they will take you all around the world where you will spend quite a bit of time in Japan studying the art of bonsai!  And admiring bridgestree houses and gypsy caravans, of course.
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And finally, back to Ria who pinned this quote, so simple and true.  I have a friend who is going through a very hard time at the moment, and I think about how important it is to enjoy the here and now and the love around us.  To not take for granted a smile from a stranger or a daily goodbye kiss.  I saw another quote that went along the lines of "never let the things you want make you forget the things you have".  Again a reminder to appreciate the things that are good in our lives just that little bit more. 

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  1. Owww what a lovely post !!! thank you !!!...smile from ear to ear now.....and red cheeks too....!!!..you are so kind to me....love you Tammy !!...and i hope your friend will doing well soon......love love love Ria...xxx...

  2. Hello Tammy:
    Inspiration does indeed come from so many different quarters and so much of what one sees, particularly in the way of images posted on the internet, can readily be adapted if not copied outright.