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Friday, May 25, 2012

new in store...grainsack cushions, wool blanket cushions & more

My mum has had a very busy last few weeks making our latest range of grainsack linen cushions and also our winter wool range!  Each cushion is made with love and pride, and I am very proud of her for all her hard work.

The latest grainsack cushions have ties at the side with an internal linen flap for hiding the feather cushion insert. And you all know how much I love blue stripes! Above is a double dark blue stipe running the length of the cushion. 

This is a lighter blue grainsack linen with the stripes running the vertical of the cushion, again with the ties.

Here are the three types of stripes that are available, they are backed in a soft neutral linen and there are two of each design.  

These are a lovely pale blue square grainsack cushions.  The blue is so sweet. 

And our depleted stocks of red striped cushions have been replenished!  A nice simple bright red stripe running the length of the cushions.  There are four of these. 

The winter wool blanket range of cushions is definitely making me feel very cosy.   I am thinking hot chocolate, wood fire, a good novel, rain beating on the windows...I am sure you get the idea.  These cushions above are made with vintage English wool fabric and a neutral ribbed lambswool as a contrast.  Vintage wooden buttons. 

Of the winter range, these cushions above are possibly my favourites, but I can't quite decide.  These are made from vintage English wool blanket fabric in a grey colour and my clever Mum has hand-dyed the contrasting red blanket.  They are just divine. 


These are made from a soft dove grey English wool fabric and are contrasted with an English wool in a purple colour with vintage purple buttons.

I have displayed four of the winter cushions in an antique leather case. 

I would love to hear which is your favourite, if you have one.  Or are you like me who can't decide?  I totally understand. 

These cushions are also a new range for our store.  They have been made from antique French monogrammed panels and are edged in a vintage neutral linen. 

I have a current fettish for French monograms.  The monogram tells a story, perhaps of a young Parisienne preparing for her future home?  I even wonder about the initials, was this young girl Eleanor? Elise? Emilie?    

Lastly we have these French striped pillow covers, made from vintage French linen in a gorgeous natural shade.  They have ties on the side.  So dreamy!
Image from here

I wish every one a wonderful weekend.  By the way, there is rain predicted this weekend for Hobart, my cosy winter's day dream may come true...


  1. I'm loving the pillows. SO pretty! Have a good weekend!

  2. We have full summer here in Holland......the spring never come but summer arrived last weekend...and stay long !! i love it...sitting outsite as much as i can....now i must hurry i must go to the sportschool...toooooo hot...but i will try and do my best....i really like the blue grainsac pillows !! your mom did a great job darling !!...love from me....happy weekend....xxx..

  3. Delle creazioni molto raffinate!...quanta arte e buon gusto in questo bellissimo blog!
    Felice domenica!

  4. A great range of cushions and pillows!!
    Wish I lived closer.