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Monday, April 16, 2012

new in store...French linen cushions and vintage apothecary labels

You may recall last November I posted Zoe Hoare's amazing Hampton's home? And I admired these gorgeous blue checked cushions on her French day bed? I think they are so fresh and suit the relaxed Hampton's style...

If you would like to see more of Zoe's home click here.

Here are our versions of these cushions. They have been made from a vintage French harvest cloth, linen of course.

Two of these have vintage buttons on the front for detail. The other cushion has buttons on the reverse.

These handwoven grainsack linen cushions are also new into the store.

They are simply a gorgeously soft colour with vintage brown buttons.

And these are also made from vintage handwoven grainsack linen. They have a single red stripe down the centre.

I can't choose a favourite but I do like red. Look at the beautiful texture of the linen.

Also new in during the last week are these antique apothecary labels. They are delightful! We are selling them per each so they can be glued onto people's chemist's bottles. Or they are great displayed as they are.

Lavender water makes sense but there are some fairly unusual descriptions on some of the labels...

One of them reads "Ipecacuanha Wine" which from my fading pharmaceutical knowledge (I used to be a pharmacist) would be to induce emesis, or vomiting. I think we will just stick to not knowing what they were for...after all, ignorance can be bliss.


  1. Love that grainsack pillows !!!...happy new week darling....love from me....xxx...

  2. Wow you used to be a pharmacist!!

    Glad you are now doing what you are. Those labels are amazing. Love the writing on them.

    My favourite cushion is the red one too, love red, how much are they Tammy?? We all agree you can't beat linen!!

    You wouldn't read about it, just missed seeing you at The Vintage Rose on Saturday, hopefully one day soon, it would be lovely to meet you!

    Enjoy your week.

    Take care

  3. Hi Janine,

    I was indeed at the Vintage Rose on Saturday, lovely shop that.

    The red cushions are $75 each.

    And yes, I used to be a pharmacist. It feels like a life time ago, although I am only 31 so it can't be too long ago. I am much, much more content as an antique dealer...

    Have a wonderful day, Tammy

  4. Oh those cushions are just lovely. And I will enjoy popping over to see more of that beautiful house. Did you catch the post I did about our friends at Fontaine Antiques in UK (post before last on my blog)? Think it could be of interest ;-)
    Have a great weekend. Sarah x

  5. I love those pillows. So pretty!! Have a great weekend!

  6. What lovely things you have in your store. I could buy the lot! :)