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Friday, January 6, 2012

books, antique and French gifts

I was absolutely spoiled at Christmas! I was given many beautiful gifts by friends and family, such as these gorgeous little succulent shaped candles in tin pots and a set of slate garden markers.

I have admired this Spode cream ware bowl for a while now in our store. And I may have put out a little hint or two that I would very much like it for my kitchen. It is just so simple and lovely, do you agree?

And you may all know now my fetish for French glass jars. I received two such jars for Christmas. One can never have enough jars. The jar on the left is going to live in the kitchen and store flour and the jar on the right has a new home in the bathroom.

My cookbook collection grew with the addition of these books, above. I am about to start making my own bread, but first I must start a yeast in order to make nice sourdough bread. Wish me luck!

I could happily live on pasta and was excited to receive a book dedicated to the topic!

Time to catch up on some gardening, with none other than Mr Paul Bangay himself. This is his latest book and can't wait to read and learn.

And the perfect coffee table book for the self-confessed Francophile...Vintage French Interiors. Someone knows me very well indeed.

The book is filled with images of collections composed with that casual French flair. My feet are getting itchy just thinking about returning to Paris flea markets and little tucked away antiquaires.

And lastly, I received this exquisite Indian silver bangle which dates from the late 1800s. It is very intricately made and has mythological bird like creatures at the clasp.

I don't think I was exaggerating when I said I was spoiled at Christmas, what do you think?


  1. Hello! I am happy you for your comment in my blog!
    Your blog is fabulous, beutiful pictures make me happy!
    All the best and have a wonderful day,
    until next time,

  2. very much like this blog, hope to be able to enjoy it this new year as well as we all could last year, all the best for 2012,

    kind regards


  3. Whay a beautiful gifts !!...enjoy a happy weekend darling....love from me...xxx..

  4. Wow your blog is great! And great stuff! highs Anja

  5. HI Tammy,

    LOVED seeing what you received for Christmas. It's nice to be spoilt.

    I seriously thought those candles were succulents, wow they are gorgeous. I have a fettish for candles, can't get enough of them.

    The white bowl has such a classic shape, not only looking good but so handy in the kitchen.

    Love those french jars. What is it with us women, bags, baskets and jars, can't get enough of them. You could have a house full and still find the perfect one!

    Those books look stunning. You will have to let us know what you think of them. I am fussy with the interior ones I buy (let's face it they can be expensive to buy). But I love the fact that you can look at the same book hundreds of times and see something different every time.

    Mum and I recently went to a cafe for lunch and we both ordered a pasta dish with seafood, OMG I have to say it was heavenly. They made their own pasta and I now understand why people rave about homemade pasta. It was one of those times where I didn't want to talk as I couldn't get enough of the pasta. Sad but true......best lunch I've had in ages.

    It would be interesting to know what the mythologicial bird means on your bracelet. I bet when you wear it, you will get compliments, it's gorgeous Tammy.

    Well I've rambled enough, better go and organise tea. Enjoy your day tomorrow!

    Take care

  6. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous swag of goodies! Those books look delightful (many hours of enjoyable reading) and THAT bracelet - it's insanely beautiful!

    I hope you're off to a wonderful start to the year :)

  7. Janine, you are spot on, you do have to be careful with buying interior books as they can be expensive. But I love getting a little idea here and there for display, it is so much fun to leisurely flick through (I keep them on the coffee table for easy reach!) without any pressure.

    And the candles, they look too good to use, I am worried. But I guess when the candle burns out, I still have the little pots.

    I made a spinach and mushroom cannelloni last night, and made the pasta myself and homemade pasta makes all the difference for sure. And the best part is, whilst it is more time consuming it is less frustrating trying to put the filling in those small bought cannelloni shells! You simply cut squares of pasta and place filling along the middle and roll up!

    I will let you know how I go with the other books, and if I find out more about my bracelet. I hope to get a comment or two wearing it.

    Thank you Katrina for your comments, and happy new year to you, too. I am about to visit your wonderful blog!

    Thanks again everyone for your valued comments, until next time, Tammy

  8. Wonderful things here! :)
    i whis you many lucky stars in your sky this year! :)

  9. Hi Tammy, thank you for visiting your blog.
    I will take a look in your antique shop!

  10. Hi Tammy,

    What a beautiful space you have here! :) Thank you kindly for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I truly appreciate it. I look forward to your posts & getting to know you here in blog land. :) Have a wonderful day!