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Thursday, January 20, 2011

new in store...linen arm chair and an amazing trestle table!

We have just had this arm chair upholstered in a neutral linen slip cover. The chair itself dates to around c.1900 and has lovely little porcelain castors. I particularly like the small proportions and also the "wings". The ties on the back make for easy removal. Linen arm chairs can fit into any setting. In fact, I would go so far as to say a nice looking arm chair can really make a room. These are rooms by the iconic designer Axel Vervoordt, from whom I take a lot of inspiration. I like the fact that he doesn't mind mismatched chairs and sofas. His rooms are very earthy and textural.
And speaking of earthy and textural, check out this early rustic trestle table that came into the store this week. It comes apart into three pieces which is probably a good thing as each piece is very, very heavy. The top is thick and has loads of character, even holes in places. This is definitely one of my favourite pieces at the moment...


  1. O yes !!!...that table is amazing !!! rough !!...i love it too....happy day darling......love Ria.....xxxx........

  2. I agree that a great armchair can really make a room - the linen looks wonderful.

    That table is a delight too, I think every house needs a heavy table like that - a focal place for family and friends to gather around.

  3. Hi Tammy,

    I agree with Ria and Tracey above and think the table is surperb!!! Oh, to own a few different houses to put all the stunning furniture in would be out of this world, I think!

    I love the linen covered chair, it looks wonderful too and I hope one day I can own a linen slip-covered chair and it will definately be the focal point of the room.....imagine both pieces in the one room of a house (sigh)......

    Will call in again soon.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tasmania

  4. Hi everyone, I am glad that you think the linen chair and table are nice. We are going to aim to have a few more such chairs in store, different shapes but linen covered. Have a good weekend! Tammy

  5. ooooh, that sounds exciting Tammy, can't wait!!!