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Thursday, December 16, 2010

an early Christmas present for me

My early Christmas present to myself arrived and I was oh so excited. It is a large Indian grain pot and still has some decorative paint on it. It is huge, so tall that I can't even see inside it. I plan to make it a centrepiece of the vegetable garden (I promise a photo when this happens). It is so wide that it didn't fit through the back gate! After removing the gate and some of the palings off the fence, it made it through into the back yard. Phew!
I picked up this tin jug and a faded wreath in a great antiques store in Richmond, Tasmania called Walkers of Richmond. This wreath is now on the back door, without embellishment (it is just nice as it is).
During the week I also picked up this wonderful seagrass chair. I thought I would keep it as it is very comfortable and is a lovely faded colour. But my cat liked it even more than me and I am too frightened that she will use it as a scratching post. So up to the store it goes... we have a fantastic collection of wicker and seagrass chairs at the moment, perfect for sitting back with a cuppa under the veranda...


  1. Wow, that vessel must be HUGE! It's hard to tell by the photo. It looks wonderful though.
    I hope to get up to New Norfolk for a little drive over the new year so will definitely drop by the shop :)

  2. Gorgeous Tammy! Can't wait to see the photo's when it is installed. What hours will the Emporium be open over Xmas/ New Year? We are hoping to call in. Thanks Cathy

  3. We will be open every day except Christmas day. 9.30am to 4.30 weekdays and 10am to 4.30 on the weekends. Open every day over the new year period. With thanks, see you then!

  4. It is all white here....so no sits under the veranda !! hahahah!! it snows a lot here in Holland.....beautiful pot !! i really like it!! just my style.......lovely weekend darling.....love Ria...

  5. Hi Tammy,

    You made me smile with your adventures of getting your pot into your garden! It looks like it really has a lovely patina.

    The shop in Richmond sounds interesting. Is the Town and Country shop (I think in the main street, just up the road from the lace shop) still there? Haven't been to Richmond in a few years, always enjoy it there and there is so much to look at and discover. I remember my husband and I venturing into the maze and nearly paying a 8 year old kid to show us the way out again!!

    Nice seagrass chair. I'm sure it will go soon. I do know what you mean about your shop being an extension of yourself and your taste and style. I see so many things I would love, that's it's impossible to fit it all into one house.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  6. Hi Janine, The town and country store is still there on the corner. Good for glazed pots etc. And Richond Antiques has amazing pieces too (opposite the bakery). Have a good weekend too!