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Monday, August 9, 2010

French baker's stands, tables and baskets

We were lucky enough to find this French baker's stand on our antiques buying trip. It is original 19th century and is stamped 'Paris'. We can't wait for it to arrive along with all our other goodies. It was one of the very last pieces that went into the container so it will be the first item to greet us when we open the doors. How exciting. Wouldn't this French baguette basket look great on the baker's stand? As far as I know, the curved areas at the ends of the baker's stand were to hold the baguettes. (Photo from http://www.1stdibbs.com/). I have always wanted a French pastry or baker's tables like the one above (photo from http://www.1stdibbs.com/). I am not sure where I would put it when I find one, but I believe if you love something enough you will always find a place for it. Look how good this one looks! I love the lighter grey colour and the French glass cloches on top (photo from http://www.insidehomepage.com/). I might take another look at the French glass cloches in our store at the moment (above) and add to my collection.

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  1. Love the bakers stand unfortunately I do not have the room for one. I also love the French Pastry table I purchased one recently and I absolutely adore it.