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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vintage Embellishments for Gifts

A collection of vintage buckles and brooches in a siver bowl. I have never thought to use jewellery to decorate gifts... This image is from BBC's Homes and Antiques magazine (Jan 2010 page 85). The paste stone buckles work well and I also like the simplicity of the mother-of-pearl buckles, especially the one in the shape of a butterfly.The buckle on the left appears to be cut steel, most likely 19th century. It is a wonderful gift in itself. It has made me look at our collection of (mostly Victorian paste) buckles in our store a whole lot differently! If you can't afford the real deal, you could always get crafty and make buckle shaped embellishments like above (photo from Stem).
And I couldn't resist adding this image above. Who wouldn't love receiving this gift? So pretty and to the point.

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