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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Found Objects - Part II

To continue with my theme of bringing nature into the home, I have some more photos to share. Above is a beautiful French painted buffet de corps with branched coral peaking out. The colours all work so well together. I love the chairs too! (Image from Parterre, http://www.parterre.com.au/) I love this room with the open shelving displaying an extensive shell coral collection, including fan coral, which is very decorative (and fragile!). Again the natural colours complement the room. This is an example of an amethyst crytal geode in our store (with coral and a paper nautilus shell). I have a round, ring shaped piece of amethyst crystal at home that I bought in Nice (and then had to carry around all day, it weighs around 6 kgs). It is in our loungeroom and my eyes are always drawn to it. Green sea urchins look great just as they are in a jar. This picture has definitely given me some ideas. I also love Irish sea urchins, which are a deep coral colour, but they are quite scarce and more expensive. Even simple polished stones look great en masse (from the film "Something's Gotta Give").
I am sure that this chandelier is not real coral, but merely inspired by nature. I love the regency table beneath, and the chairs. And the coral colour works well with that blue, who would have thought?

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