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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pictures of Venice

The petite canals with the famous gondolas. We chose a warm night for our gondola ride, see photo below... Going under the Rialto bridge on the Grand Canal. This courtyard with arched ironwork and stone statue was out the back of the glass museum on the island of Murano. On the island of Torcello we stumbled across an antique shop. Inside was a fabulous Russian icon for 6000 euros and a French still-life painting for 3200 euros - a little outside our budget. They also had garden statuary for sale, see photo below...
Also on the island of Torcello was the above villa. It was actually for sale, it would make the perfect holiday home. We can dream...
Within Venice itself we saw a couple of stores making and selling these aprons. And they were a real steal at only 10 to 15 euro each!

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  1. Venice is a stunning city! I spent such a tiny amount of time there quite a few years ago but really hope to go back someday. Such a long way from Tassie though!