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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amazing London Interior!

One of my favourite features of all time in the World of Interiors magazine was in the February 2010 issue (page 104 to 113). The home belongs to designer Anouska Hempel in London.
These round fanlight windows are beautiful! She turned them upside down to form circles - very clever! I love her daring use of dark colours. But mostly I adore the way she uses multiples of objects to make a striking impact. She does not have just one hanging engraved glass lantern above her dining table, she has nine! And I count six glass smoke domes in front of the window (see above photo) Hanging glass lanterns are my favourite light fitting, they always look elegant, particularly in entrances and hallways. Both mum and Donna have these in their hallways. And the engraved pattern sends of dancing patterns onto the walls. The lanterns pictured in the above photo are some that we have in our store presently.

And here is a collection of 19th century glass smoke domes that we have in the store. They would look great hanging in a window as Anouska has done in her dining room.

She has plenty of dark lacquer, glass candlesticks, storm lanterns, red Chinese pottery and plaster intaglios. It certainly makes me want to be more bold with decorating!


  1. Those smoke domes are fabulous I have never seen these before.
    Lynette :)

  2. I know! I love the shape of them, very elegant. They also look great as a collection on a table...