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Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas display and letterpress gift vouchers now in store!!!

We have been so very busy at both the Drill Hall Emporium and Flywheel with preparations for Christmas.  This is a result of our missing out on a proper Christmas trading period with Flywheel last year, we opened just a week before!  So we have went a little crazy with baubles, gift wrap and letterpress goodies at Flywheel.  At the Drill Hall we have created a subtle Christmas themed entrance. 

We have opened up our Cherrywood buffet de corps which now plays host to Christmas gifts wrapped with paper from Flywheel.

Displayed on the Spanish trestle table in front we have a small fawn and a very large elk antler with mercurised glass acorns. 

You may see that we have used vintage buckles for embellishment on the gifts.  These are made from bakelite, gilded metal, wood and mother-of-pearl.  Rhinestone buckles would also look nice but we have stuck to a more natural and neutral look. 

On the carved Indian table we have a brass tray set with a Christmas inspired candle, now available in store, and these gorgeous 19th century etched and gilded glasses.  Eggnog anyone?

On the French walnut armchair we have a super soft Scandinavian reindeer hide, so very cosy. 

Maybe we took things a little far by having our own resident "angel"?  But we really couldn't help ourselves. 

But that is not all we have been doing in preparation for Christmas.  At Flywheel we have printed Christmas gift certificates for the Drill Hall on our Chandler and Price platen press. 


These are letterpressed with hand mixed red ink on white cotton card and feature little snowflake details.  I want one myself!

 We as a family are proud to admit that we adore Christmas and the anticipation that grows as the countdown begins.  And now that it is officially less than a month away, we are already counting down!

 Until next time,

Friday, November 22, 2013

clocks, linen, tureens and more to be sold at the Shabby Market tomorrow!

You may remember last year we had a little stall at the Shabby Market in Lenah Valley?  It was a huge success for us, we nearly sold out of everything we took!  It is on again so I have spent the day going through our storeroom looking for goodies to take.
 Most of which has never made it into the shop, including this late 19th Century alabaster and gilt metal clock.  Here is a little snap shot of what I have found and what will be for sale tomorrow at the Shabby Market...

Cute little cruet set, made by Carltonware c.1930.

Pretty china and useful silver wares. 

A stack of vintage linen, available per piece, all freshly laundered and ironed.

English china teapot dating to c.1930.

Two blue and white English china tureens, dating to the late 19th century.  This is only a very small selection of what I have found and I am still looking! 

So come along and take a look at the Lenah Valley Community Hall, Creek Road, Lenah Valley 9am until 2pm.  You can also visit the Shabby Market Facebook page for more information. 

Until next time,

Thursday, November 7, 2013

our exhibition at the Runnymede antique fair!

Finally, I have gotten around to collating our images of the Runnymede antiques fair that we took part in last month.  I thought I would create little collages to give you an idea of our room, which was of course the kitchen.

We love the flagstone flooring and the wide fire surround.  And in the afternoon the sun streams through the French doors.

We took our Georgian oak dresser along which suited the room perfectly.

We decorated using majolica leaf plates, chopping boards, French cutlery and glassware. 

 We took over the central courtyard with French garden furniture, trestle tables and garden tools.  It rained quite a bit of the weekend but it didn't stop the serious antique hunters from coming along. 

The fair will be held once again next year as it is an important fundraising event for the National Trust of Tasmania.  I am already crossing my fingers for sunshine!

Until next time,