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Thursday, March 20, 2014

the Drill Hall Emporium's goodies in Country Style magazine!

I have made no secret over the years writing this blog that I love Country Style magazine.  It is truly one of those magazines that make you feel like making yourself a cuppa and settling down to devour the whole issue cover to cover.  The March issue is no exception to this rule, rating up there as one of my all time favourites.

The March issue is based almost entirely on Tasmania, and is named the Tasmanian issue "Island Dreaming".  The decorating pages are filled with Tasmanian only products including pieces from our very own Drill Hall Emporium.  Our orchard ladder looks right at home against this sandstone wall, above.  And our 19th century chaise longue doesn't look too shabby, either.  No actually, it is meant to be shabby.  It suits perfectly!

Tessa Kavanagh, Melbourne stylist with a unbeatable eye, was responsible for putting these decorating pages together.  She sourced and assembled a beautiful mix of Tasmanian art, woollen blankets, wooden spoons and handmade porcelain pieces among other uniquely Tasmanian products.  She showed how much Tasmanian has so much to offer in terms of quality materials, the handmade and the unique.

Another feature in the March issue is the privately owned Satellite Island upon which sits the most stylish beach (or should I say island?) home.  In fact, you can book to stay on the island when the family are based in Melbourne.  The perfect hideaway!  Some of the pieces including the jars, cafe chairs and trestle table, above, were originally bought from our store.  Who else would love to have a seafood lunch on this deck?

And I would really love to read a book at this setting!  Notice the blue striped grain sack cushion?  Mum will be happy to see that the owners have put it to good use...  To see more on Satellite Island visit their website.

If you are planning a visit to Tasmania the March issue also plans out an itinerary starting in Launceston and heading south through the Midlands and on to the Derwent Valley.  You could base most of you holiday on these few pages alone - where to stay, where to eat and what to do.

And most excitingly, Flywheel, our sister store to The Drill Hall Emporium, is featured over two fantastic pages.  The article tells how and why we started Flywheel and shows some pictures around the store, including a shot of Rachel working the c.1915 Arab platen press!

So if you need any more convincing to go buy a copy and put the kettle on, I really cannot help you...

Until next time,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

new in store...handwoven hemp linen place mats!!!

 Our resident sewing and creative genius (aka Mum) has been busy covering her kitchen table with antique linens to make these delightful place mats.  They have been made with handwoven hemp grain sack lengths, bought on our last buying trip to Europe.

The stripe detail adds to the rustic French charm, although I think these would also look great in a more formal setting. 

The hemp is grown on small farms in Europe, without pesticides, and is hand spun.  It is then handwoven on narrow looms.  This fabric would date to the first half of the 20th century.

And the best part of all, they are also available with a single red stripe!  This particular roll of hemp linen had a rough unstitched edge which Mum left for further charm...

I love it when you can SEE the texture, the nubby bits along with the fibres of the hemp.  Are they not the loveliest place mats?  Oh so French...

As usual, these are not pictured on our website yet, as loyal blog readers you see things first!  I would be interested to know, how many of my blog readers are also on Instagram?  As I also like to post newly arrived items on our Instagram page, you can find it here.

Until next time,

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kara Rosenlund's gorgeous vignette masterclass, next week!!!

There are still a few spaces for Kara Rosenlund's Vignette Tasmania class, to be held in our store next Wednesday evening!  Learn how to create wonderful settings along with beautiful images such as this, above.  Do not miss out on this one.

Go to our previous post for more information, or head to Megan Morton's The School to book.

See you there!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Megan Morton, Kara Rosenlund and Miso all coming to our store!

We have some very exciting news for our readers and friends, we will soon be playing host to two of Megan Morton's "The School" classes, later this month!   Megan Morton is perhaps the most well known and respected stylist in Australia.  We are so thrilled that they have picked our beloved Drill Hall Emporium as the setting for their classes.   

The first of the two classes is called "Paper Cut Garlands" and will be taught by the paper artist Miso.  According to Megan, the class will allow students to learn Miso's gentle and meditative trade of paper cutting, to make beautiful garlands such as this beauty, above.  The class also includes whiskey tasting, Miso's favourite drink.  Suits us just fine.  

The second class is taught by the wonderful styling extraordinaire Kara Rosenlund.  You may remember her from the front page of Australian Country Style magazine, around a year ago?  The article featured her little dark blue "travelling wares" caravan, from which she sells vintage home wares.  In the words of Megan, she is the Vignette Queen.  This class will teach participants how to create their own little vignettes, and also how to capture them through a lens.  I will be there with much enthusiasm to learn from the master!  

For more on these exciting classes, visit Megan Morton's "The School".  

Until next time, 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A visit to the ever so stylish Peony Haute Parfumerie, Melbourne

On a little getaway to Melbourne last year, I managed to get to one of my favourite stores, Peony Haute Parfumerie owned by the one and only gorgeous Jill Timms.  I had only been to Peony once before and both times I was so amazed by this delightful little find on Auburn Road, Hawthorn. 

I instantly knew this is a special store from the front window display.  I am sorry about the reflection but I hope you can spot the French charcuterie table and the antique French chemists bottles through the glass window?  All so wonderfully displayed, you feel as if you are in Paris about to enter a very chic store indeed! 

Inside, the products are expertly curated, with carefully sourced French perfumes and perfumed candles.  Jill has used a 19th century glass dome to show some Arquiste products, above.  You may be able to see two 19th century bulls eye lenses, also under the dome.  Jill found both of these with us at The Drill Hall Emporium!

 Ever since my first trip to Paris, where I accidentally happened upon the Astier de Villatte boutique store, on Rue Saint HonorĂ© near the Louvre, I have held a secret love affair with their white glazed ceramics.  Peony stocks their perfumed candles along with some of these gorgeous ceramics. 

I really, really could not resist the Delphes candle.  Not that I need to justify a little gift for myself, but I figure I can burn the candle and then keep the lidded jar for some other purpose.  And along with the candle wick trimmer, also from Peony, I am very happy indeed!

 The candle is now in my hall way alongside my collection of sea urchins, coral and crystals. 

I am sorry for the length of time between posts, life just gets away.  I still enjoy making contact with my readers and will continue to do so through my blog.  Perhaps I will go for quality, not quantity!

Until next time,

Thursday, December 5, 2013

a lunch at The Agrarian Kitchen to celebrate Rodney Dunn's cookbook!

Back in October we were lucky enough to be invited to a lunch at The Agrarian Kitchen to celebrate the launch of Rodney Dunn's much anticipated first cookbook.  The weather could not have been more perfect for the day...partly sunny, no wind and quite mild. 
 An extra long, beautifully decorated table was set up in the front garden of the cooking school, beneath large trees for shade.  It was all so picture perfect I was so pleased I remembered to take the camera.   
 Delicious brioche buns supplied by Jay Patey, founder of Pigeon Hole Cafe and Pigeon Whole Bakers, were set up on a serving table

to accompany the delicious roast pig!  I believe Rodney (pulling the meat apart, above) arose at some terribly early hour that day to get the pig roasting and cooked in time.  Yummy coleslaw and relish made this a fabulous pork roll!

Iced tea was served in a mid-20th century drink dispenser alongside locally made (as in just down the road!) apple cider.  Dessert consisted of a rhubarb, meringue and pistachio tart that Alistair Wise, of Sweet Envy, just "whipped up".  I wish I could just "whip up" a creation like this! 

And here is the cookbook itself!  Obviously it is a pure delight, no tricks, just good food using seasonal and available produce.  I have already made a few dishes from it and a list of the others that I would like to try.  We supplied some of the props used through the book, I had a great time spotting bits and pieces from our store!  You can buy your signed copy direct from The Agrarian Kitchen via their website.

Did I mention our sister store, Flywheel printed the letterpress invitations for the day?  Simple and honest, no tricks here either.

Until next time,

Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas display and letterpress gift vouchers now in store!!!

We have been so very busy at both the Drill Hall Emporium and Flywheel with preparations for Christmas.  This is a result of our missing out on a proper Christmas trading period with Flywheel last year, we opened just a week before!  So we have went a little crazy with baubles, gift wrap and letterpress goodies at Flywheel.  At the Drill Hall we have created a subtle Christmas themed entrance. 

We have opened up our Cherrywood buffet de corps which now plays host to Christmas gifts wrapped with paper from Flywheel.

Displayed on the Spanish trestle table in front we have a small fawn and a very large elk antler with mercurised glass acorns. 

You may see that we have used vintage buckles for embellishment on the gifts.  These are made from bakelite, gilded metal, wood and mother-of-pearl.  Rhinestone buckles would also look nice but we have stuck to a more natural and neutral look. 

On the carved Indian table we have a brass tray set with a Christmas inspired candle, now available in store, and these gorgeous 19th century etched and gilded glasses.  Eggnog anyone?

On the French walnut armchair we have a super soft Scandinavian reindeer hide, so very cosy. 

Maybe we took things a little far by having our own resident "angel"?  But we really couldn't help ourselves. 

But that is not all we have been doing in preparation for Christmas.  At Flywheel we have printed Christmas gift certificates for the Drill Hall on our Chandler and Price platen press. 


These are letterpressed with hand mixed red ink on white cotton card and feature little snowflake details.  I want one myself!

 We as a family are proud to admit that we adore Christmas and the anticipation that grows as the countdown begins.  And now that it is officially less than a month away, we are already counting down!

 Until next time,