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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dear bloggers, Instagram has stolen my heart...

I am so ashamed to say that it is now over 6 months since my last blog post.  This surely has to be a record.  When I started this blog for our beloved store, I attempted to add a post daily.  I quickly realised it was a huge commitment and one that was not easily kept.  I then went to every other day, before deciding that weekly would be more achievable and practicable.  I then decided a fortnightly post would keep my readers in the loop.  Then monthly, and so on.  I could bore you with excuses, of which there are many.  Ultimately I found Instagram a more favourable platform for posting images and giving small updates on latest happenings at the Drill Hall Emporium.  It is just so visual!  And yes, it also came down to time.  We are a busy store with many comings and goings, even in the dead of a Tasmanian winter we can have a lot going on.  Finding the time to put fingertips to a keyboard has become a real challenge.  Sure, I could "make" the time.  And if I was a dedicated blogger I surely would!  But I now make small snippets of time to add a picture here and there to our Instagram feed.  Here are some examples...

This is a fabulous c.1900 collectors chest which we found on our last overseas buying trip, it is only just been waxed with love and is now out in the store.  It was from a London fossil and mineral museum, and has a few old labels intact.  One of them reads "Sharks Teeth".

This is a little vignette from home, a collection of favourite objects.  I have a particular thing for creamy 18th century vellum books, articulated hands and lenses.

I also like to update our Instagram feed with pictures while on a buying trip, or when our latest shipment has arrived such as above.  You can find us at https://instagram.com/thedrillhallemporium/ (on a computer) or @thedrillhallemporium if you have downloaded Instagram to your phone.

Thank you for your loyal support, and I am sorry if there is any disappointment out there.

I am officially signing off, au revoir.

p.s. Happy Instagramming!


  1. I Will miss you Tammy....i have no instigeren but i following you on fb....love from me Ria...x!

    1. Oh you should get Instagram Ria, you would love it totally I just know!!! I will miss you too, but there is always FB. xx

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