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Monday, May 30, 2011

new in store...blanket cushions and draught stoppers for winter!

Just in time for the cold season, we have a new range of cushions which have been made from vintage English wool blankets. Each cushion has vintage buttons to further add charm. I love these blue and cream chequered cushions in the French basket, they give me warm fuzzy feelings as I conjure up images of hot chocolate and log fires.
They come in two shapes...rectangular and square.
Cream and brown striped and chocolate brown blanket cushions. These are one off designs, there is only one cushion of each type with these.
These cushions are the softest! And the stripe is a subtle beige colour. Almost my favourite.
Green checked cushions with fringe and vintage button detail. The reverse of these cushions are in a simple cream blanket fabric to add contrast.
We also have a new range of linen and silk draught stoppers in store to help beat the chill.
I have saved the best cushions for last! Made from pure Irish linen, these cushions have been hand stitched with quotations. These are again one off designs.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

industrial butcher's shelf trolley...from store to a Hobart home

The industrial butcher's trolley sitting in our store earlier in the year. I found it very useful to display objects such as hat blocks and shoe lasts. I love the pale washed timber. The butcher's trolley as it now sits in its new home, a light filled area of a Hobart home. It is in front of French doors which lead outside to a paved courtyard...the perfect spot to put a few items that may be carried outside for al fresco entertaining in summer.
Such as a wicker cloche to cover food. There are also trays to carry condiments and an antique wooden cutlery tray for vintage cutlery.
Other unique objects are displayed including a collection of Victorian plates inset into metal warming bowls.
Two stoneware gourmet boilers are displayed together. These originally came from our store too. The No. 4 size is particularly rare...it is tiny!
Large industrial castors on the bottom on the shelf make it easy to move around.
This vintage vellum suitcase also came from our store. It has been used on the bottom shelf to conceal a few unsightly items such as bookwork and a telephone directory. Very clever. I have two such vellum suitcases myself, stacked on a chest of drawers (and hiding one or two items as well!).
A collection of pewter candlesticks, each of a slightly different form.
Overall, a very practical shelf that looks amazing with its little collections of antique objects.
And the family dog agrees!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

new in store...industrial scales, linen cushions, French chopping block and more!

Vintage chrome grocer's (or trade) scales on a marble base, made by Salter. I would think these would date to around the 1930's. They would look great in a cafe or a produce store.
Detail of the face of the scales. I love the red marker! They will weigh up to 30 pounds.
A collection of vintage wooden decoy ducks. They are lovely and pale in colour, one has a bit of green painted detail, the others are plain.
This industrial bottle carrier has been buried in our back storeroom for a little while. I uncovered it today and it is now out in the store on the wine cage.
This is a very chunky (and heavy) vintage French chopping block. It dates to around 1940. It has signs of a little use, but it is perfectly ready to be chopped on again!
French double handled herb choppers. I love the feel of the handles, they are so smooth with wear. I can imagine the French kitchens that these were used within and the comforting meals they helped to prepare.
Part of our latest range of cushions are these linen cushions with bird motifs. More cushion images to come!
And my favourite find of the week are these gorgeous little child's shoe lasts. The paler pair are stamped "Judi" which relates to the name of the design. Both pairs are a small size 5. How cute!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

industrial and vintage at Jamie Oliver's italian restaurant, Bath

I will have to admit, it wasn't all work and no play on my recent antiques buying trip to the UK. A fellow antique dealer in the Cotswolds recommended we try Jamie's Italian restaurant as were headed for Bath in Somerset. I was quite unaware that Jamie Oliver had a restaurant in Bath and when we discovered that it was a casual restaurant with no need to book, we were sold! And I love the historic city of Bath with its wonderful sweeping Regency architecture. And from my previous experiences, the city is even more alluring in the evening. I need little prompting to visit Bath on our travels, it is possibly my favourite city in the UK. I couldn't help but notice the vintage industrial pendant light fittings above the stairwell as we were shown to our table. We have had very similar shades to these in our store recently (not surprisingly, they sold almost instantly).
Image from here
Tolix metal chairs were at the tables. The industrial look works particularly well in a more casual restaurant and it can give a clean feel to the settings.
All the pasta is hand-made, of course!
The vintage inspired tea towels were used as napkins.
Lemon curd tart for dessert...on vintage inspired enamel plates.
The view from the outdoor dining area with potted herbs and olive trees. I have since learned that Jamie Oliver has restaurants all over the UK. But a trip back to Bath is not totally out of the question...

Monday, May 9, 2011

stylish French antiques at Melbourne antiques fair

The inaugural annual Australian Antiques and Art Dealers Association Melbourne Antique Show was held over the weekend. I was assisting on the Tasmanian based Richmond Antiques stand but I found some time to take some photos of my favourite stands and antique pieces. Above is a French painted armoire on a very stylish stand, Patina Antiques, which specialises in French furniture. Detail of the gorgeous armoire. Richmond Antiques had a wonderful display. This French painted buffet is one of my favourite pieces and it dates to around c.1800. Detail of the naturalistic display above the French buffet on the Richmond Antiques stand. I love the use of shells, coral and in this case a mounted saw tooth to make an eye catching display.

Probably the most amazing (and most valuable) piece of furniture at the fair was this French specimen marble-topped table. Look at the detail, is is stunning. It is of exhibition quality. It was exhibited by the Perth based Brans Antiques.

Isherwood Antiques of Sydney also had a wonderful display, with loads of French eye candy. The Louis Vuitton courier trunk at the front is a particularly rare piece... As is the harp! How romantic.
French angels on Isherwood Antiques stand.
And a French 18th Century commode.
I must admit to having never seen a French circular barometer such as this one. Again, very decorative and a nice change from a painting on a wall.
An open bookshelf with a thoughtfully arranged display of coral, pictures and leather books.
A pair of 18th century bridal boots on an educational stand.
Mossgreen Gallery showed an unusual use for a copper fire extinguisher...a lamp!
Mounted whale vertebrae on a taxidermy specialist's stand.
And the floor rug that I fell in love with! The most wonderful colours one could hope for in a floor rug...just a little big for my dining room (or any of my rooms for that matter!).