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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

industrial butcher's shelf trolley...from store to a Hobart home

The industrial butcher's trolley sitting in our store earlier in the year. I found it very useful to display objects such as hat blocks and shoe lasts. I love the pale washed timber. The butcher's trolley as it now sits in its new home, a light filled area of a Hobart home. It is in front of French doors which lead outside to a paved courtyard...the perfect spot to put a few items that may be carried outside for al fresco entertaining in summer.
Such as a wicker cloche to cover food. There are also trays to carry condiments and an antique wooden cutlery tray for vintage cutlery.
Other unique objects are displayed including a collection of Victorian plates inset into metal warming bowls.
Two stoneware gourmet boilers are displayed together. These originally came from our store too. The No. 4 size is particularly rare...it is tiny!
Large industrial castors on the bottom on the shelf make it easy to move around.
This vintage vellum suitcase also came from our store. It has been used on the bottom shelf to conceal a few unsightly items such as bookwork and a telephone directory. Very clever. I have two such vellum suitcases myself, stacked on a chest of drawers (and hiding one or two items as well!).
A collection of pewter candlesticks, each of a slightly different form.
Overall, a very practical shelf that looks amazing with its little collections of antique objects.
And the family dog agrees!


  1. Beautiful !! ...i like it.....lovely day darling....xxx...love Ria...xxx..

  2. oh tammy, how such nice blogs you have. well it sure does look like the shelves has found a nice home to be in and looks very useful. such a wonderful shop you have, can't wait to come back in.

  3. That is simply fabulous! I love the shelves themselves, and the items ON the shelves are gorgeous! I thought I recognised a few items from your store ;)

  4. Hi Tammy, That is one gorgeous trolley!!! I can't wait to visit your shop, looks full of gorgeous treasures...