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Monday, May 9, 2011

stylish French antiques at Melbourne antiques fair

The inaugural annual Australian Antiques and Art Dealers Association Melbourne Antique Show was held over the weekend. I was assisting on the Tasmanian based Richmond Antiques stand but I found some time to take some photos of my favourite stands and antique pieces. Above is a French painted armoire on a very stylish stand, Patina Antiques, which specialises in French furniture. Detail of the gorgeous armoire. Richmond Antiques had a wonderful display. This French painted buffet is one of my favourite pieces and it dates to around c.1800. Detail of the naturalistic display above the French buffet on the Richmond Antiques stand. I love the use of shells, coral and in this case a mounted saw tooth to make an eye catching display.

Probably the most amazing (and most valuable) piece of furniture at the fair was this French specimen marble-topped table. Look at the detail, is is stunning. It is of exhibition quality. It was exhibited by the Perth based Brans Antiques.

Isherwood Antiques of Sydney also had a wonderful display, with loads of French eye candy. The Louis Vuitton courier trunk at the front is a particularly rare piece... As is the harp! How romantic.
French angels on Isherwood Antiques stand.
And a French 18th Century commode.
I must admit to having never seen a French circular barometer such as this one. Again, very decorative and a nice change from a painting on a wall.
An open bookshelf with a thoughtfully arranged display of coral, pictures and leather books.
A pair of 18th century bridal boots on an educational stand.
Mossgreen Gallery showed an unusual use for a copper fire extinguisher...a lamp!
Mounted whale vertebrae on a taxidermy specialist's stand.
And the floor rug that I fell in love with! The most wonderful colours one could hope for in a floor rug...just a little big for my dining room (or any of my rooms for that matter!).


  1. I am in love of that bridal boors !!!!!...wowwwwwwww...happy new week darling....love and sunshine for you......xxx...

  2. Hi Tammy,

    Wow I wish I'd been there as your pictures show so many wonderful things.

    Some things that I've only seen in magazines like the shell on the wall. Also so many stunning pieces of furniture. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great start to your week.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  3. Hi Janine, yes, some pieces looked like they were straight out of a magazine...especially the way that the stall holders displayed their pieces. It was a fantastic fair, you may have to come to it next year! Have a lovely week also, Tammy

  4. How gorgeous! Particularly love the prevalence of coral and shells ...

  5. How I wish that I own that harp! Anyways, for antique furniture and clocks, visit: More than Antiques furnitures in Perth.