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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swedish clocks, movie sets and potting sheds

The above clock was one of Donna and my favourite finds on our buying trip. We had it in the backs of our minds that we wouldn't mind a Swedish clock for the shop. And we found not only one, but two of the most beautiful Swedish clocks (I didn't get a photo of the other one before we had wrapped it up, it is just as beautiful, in a soft grey colour). They are just so dreamily decorative and would look great absolutely anywhere. I saw several in upmarket shops in the south of England (including the one pictured above), all of which were unsurprisingly sold.

I have since found out that they are called Swedish Mora clocks. And even more exciting, there was a Mora clock featured in the living room of the Hampton house from the movie "Something's Gotta Give" (see above photo) - my favourite movie house along with of course "It's Complicated". For example, the "It's Complicated" potting shed (in which our flower buckets would look right at home, see previous post)...

Need I say more? Or at least I could include a photo of her dreamy kitchen just to really make a point (I feel I am getting a bit off track here though)... Back to Swedish Mora clocks. Here are some examples in the home setting... I plan to continue my Swedish/Gustavian theme in my next post, with another snap shot of a piece that we have coming.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mora clock! I have to have it!
    Lynette :)

  2. Me too?? I'm in Sydney how can I get one here?
    Love your shop!