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Monday, June 28, 2010

Flower buckets

I was pouring over an English House & Garden magazine (May issue) that I brought back from the UK and couldn't help but notice the tin flower buckets used in the fabric photo shoot. They have brass maker's labels which is actually quite rare. I managed to buy some like these from a stall at a big international antique fair that I went to in early June. Again, thank goodness for the granny trolley as they were actually quite heavy. From the same stall I bought an early 20th century weather vane in the form of a cockerel. I received loads of comments on the cockerel on my way back to the van! In the background of this picture you can see the flower buckets that Donna found. They don't have brass labels but they do have handles which makes them easier to use. We also found quite a few traditional English garden trugs, perfect for collecting vegies or flowers from the garden.
These photos (from Cote de Texas blogspot) show flower buckets very similiar to the ones that Donna got with handles. They contrast nicely with flowers or the grasses.


  1. Katherine and I really love your blog page. Thank you both for putting the time and effort into bringing us something new and visually spectacular. Katherine and Jennifer

  2. Hi Tammy...enjoying your blog! Those are actually my photos with the flower bucket! The first is in my kitchen with lavender stalks after I shook off all the buds for sachets, the second has peonies from my garden at my bedroom door. I love metal flower buckets...just wish this one didn't leak! Getting ready to catch a flea market on Sunday...you've gotten me in the mood to find a ladder from your post on ladders. Merci! Trish