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Friday, June 11, 2010

Bird house found

At the large international antique trade fair that I attended on Monday, I was on a mission to find a birdhouse or dovecote for mum. She will be pleased to hear that I was successful in finding one (or two, actually...one for the store as well). Although they are not antique, they are charming and are made in Eastern Europe. I saw a near identical one in the English BBC's Homes and Antiques magazine, May issue (top photo). And on my walk the other night to the local riverside pub, I spotted one through someones gates and took a snap (bottom photo). The ones I bought are the ones in the middle photo. The riverside pub had diners' boats moored at its jetty on the river. The weather has not been great here in the UK of late, but this particular night was mild enough to dine outside and enjoy the view.

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