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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Antichita in Venice

Although we were meant to be taking a break from antiques hunting, we couldn't help but keep a keen eye out for the odd Antichita shop in Venice. In one I found a wonderful vintage crocodile case but it did not have a price and I couldn't buy it ... we returned a few times but to no avail. It would have definitely put me over the luggage limit! In another shop we bought a pair of Italian stone lamps, we think they may be onyx but we will have to do some research. We were on the hunt for a vintage Venetian scene painting but we must have been too fussy because we did not find the right one. Overall, we had our fill of all things old including architecture, paintings and of course the famous Venetian glass.
We topped off our trip at a great restaurant 'Da Fiore' which was close to our apartment. They had signed Venetian glass vases as their bread holders which proves with imagination beautiful objects can find purpose in often unusual ways. On our walk back to the apartment we came across dancing - more than 30 couples dancing a Latin ballroom dance in the square.

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