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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

new website launch for The Drill Hall Emporium!

I have been a little slack on the blog front of late, but I assure you I have the perfect excuse...I have been busily taking images for our new website, launched just this week!  And as we are starting from scratch, it is all a lot of work!  The hardest bit is choosing what to photograph as it seems all the pieces in the store are vying for my attention.  Wooden boards, cushion and garden pieces were a good starting point, but there are just so many pieces I want to capture through the lens.

The new website is fresh and easy to navigate (we hope!) and allows us to show pieces off better by having close up images of most pieces.  We are also trying to capture the essence of our store through the website so that all those people too far away to visit can get a sense of The Drill Hall Emporium.  We also have a page dedicated to our favourite (southern) Tasmanian places to help visitors to our area.

Please go to our website here and have a browse, and let me know what you think!  As always, I love feedback. 

Until next time,


  1. Yeah !! it looks great !!...love from me...x !!

    1. Thanks Ria! Hope you are still on holidays? Take care, Tammy xx

  2. Hi Tammy,

    I've had a look at your new website (no surprise there!) and it all looks wonderful. I can imagine just how much work it's been. Photo's of all items are just gorgeous.

    I hope you have been well and staying warm!

    Talk soon

    Take care

    1. Hi Janine,

      Thank you for your comments, we are glad that you like the website and the photos. I will try and keep up the standard!

      It is freezing here today in the Derwent Valley, frozen hands as I write this. Will turn the heater up, I think.

      Take care, Tammy xx

  3. Love the new website, lovely clean look and the detailed photos are a great idea.

    1. Hi Lynette,

      Thank you for stopping by and for looking at the website. We are so very pleased you like it!

      Cheers, Tammy xx

  4. Wow it really looks amazing you can see that a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into this project, it has payed off for you you should be very proud of yourself. My wife is starting a similar project and I will tell her to look at yours so she can get some great new ideas, thank you.

    Charles Campbell @ EVM Digital