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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

gorgeous English cottage and wonderful Turkish pots...

One of my favourite days on our buying trip was a stop at a gorgeous Sussex cottage.  It was early in the morning and we were collecting some items we had bought previously.  I took a few moments to appreciate the cuteness of the cottage and the garden.    

Look at the wonderful front entrance, with flowering vines growing over the front door!

And the staddle stones flanking the front path...these are a lovely garden feature in England, you see them from time to time. 

These staddle stones were originally used as supporting bases for granaries whereby the stones lifted the granaries above the ground protecting the stored grain from vermin and water.
Image from here.
Have a look at this granary in England which is raised  by what looks like ten or more staddle stones.  Amazing!  It doesn't look quite right from an engineering perspective, does it?  They are typically used for decorative purposes in gardens these days.   
Also decorative are these old Turkish oil pots, of which I managed to buy two from the cottage owners.  But alas, these happened to be one of the items I mentioned in my previous post that did not fit into the container!  And I was so happy to get such large decorative pots for the store, they are very Highgrove Garden
Not to worry, they will be waiting for our return and will be first thing into the next load! 
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  1. Nice Tammy ...!!..enjoy your week...x !

  2. The pots are gorgeous....some things in life are worth waiting for :-)