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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the humble candlestick

(Image via min lilla veranda www.minlillaveranda.blogspot.com)
(Image via house of atmosphere www.houseofatmosphere.blogspot.com)
(Image via French Larkspur www.frenchlarkspur.blogspot.com)
(Images via min lilla veranda www.minlillaveranda.blogspot.com)
I was very taken with these images from some a blog I found recently www.minlillaveranda.blogspot.com (which means my little veranda). I love the grouping of various candlesticks, as well as the soft warmth of the metal and pewter.

(Image source unknown)

Here is a collection of shinier candlesticks. I am not sure whether they are silver or brass or both, but don't they look really good together?
This is a pair of Italian silvered candlesticks that we have in the store. They are actually carved wood and date to the 18th century. I would love to have them in my bathroom (if it is ever finished!) on a table beside the bath. How lovely would that be?


  1. I love the pair of silver candlesticks too...beautiful. Thanks for stopping by our blog!!

  2. O wowwwww..what a lot of beautiful candle sticks i see here today...love it all !!!...............have a lovely day darling.......love Ria...

  3. what a gorgeous post. I love candles and candlesticks too.

    I would love love those Italian candlesticks too. How special are they?! What a fabulous find. Your idea of them being in a beautiful bathroom is perfect. I am now dreaming of sinking into a claw foot bath filled with hotwater and bubbles, some relaxing oils in an oil burner creating a lovely aroma and those gorgeous candlesticks generating a soft warm glow. Sigh.

    Hope you are having a lovely week xox