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Friday, May 7, 2010

Inspiring lounge room

I love the beautiful soft colours in this lounge room. We are about to update our own lounge room. We have painted it a lovely soft taupy colour (sorry, not great at describing colours) and are awaiting installation of our limewashed French oak timber flooring. Then it is time to find a couch or two. I love the white one in this photo but the one on the left is what keeps catching my eye. I love the shaped back. If anyone has any suggestions of where to shop, I would love to hear. Ideally I would like to find an antique one with a great shape and have it recovered. But not in white - too scary with red wine and chocolate, two of my indulgences! And both are best enjoyed on a comfy couch.

I am also jealous of the large buttoned ottoman. It is possible to find antique versions of such stools (I know because I missed out on one at an antique fair on a buying trip a few years ago). If I were so lucky to find another, I would cover it in a neutral linen. I have a large chinoiserie tole tray which could sit atop for drinks etc.

The only piece of furniture I am sure is going into our lounge room at this stage is the garden table that I posted a few weeks ago...
I can see it holding one of my chinese lamps, etched glassware and scented candles. Still loving it.


  1. Limewashed French oak timber flooring? I am so jealous! That will be just fabulous; I love the soft effect that's still woodsy. And I agree about the ottoman, isn't it just lovely?

    I'm afraid I'm not very useful as I don't have any suggestions of where to find your couch ... sorry! But I'm sure when the right one comes along you'll just 'know' :)


  2. Hi Katrina,

    I will let you know how I go hunting for a couch and the ottoman. In the meantime, I will just dream...