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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Treasure Found!

But not a treasure for the shop. Donna bought a lovely French early 19th Century table for her kitchen. It is very rare with the original hoof feet and it is a great colour. Lucky girl! Oh well, my table will find me on one of these trips, I will just have to be patient. Here is another picture inside a very interesting showroom where Donna found her table. I think that Donna took more photos so I will add them too. We had a really great buying day between us. We both started at antique fairs on opposite sides of the country and we both bought some interesting and decorative pieces. I continued on into the Peak District and met up with some of our contacts who had put pieces aside for us including a fabulous French cherrywood farmhouse table with a extendable slide (photo below). And the best bit is, this one is for the shop!

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