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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful saleroom with bonus swans

This was the beautiful saleroom that Donna and I viewed yesterday morning. The rooms were filled with amazing antiques of all descriptions and it is where we acquired the painted French cupboard (see previous post). They had some garden antiques as well including this Regency period garden bench. Unfortunately the garden bench had some areas of damage and repair. And we already have a beautiful garden bench in our shop.
We liked these French garden chairs but they were too expensive. We will look out for some at the next trade fair we go to. The fun is in the hunt, afterall.
On our way back to the car we walked over a small footbridge and were taken by these swans and their cygnets. The swans were foraging for food in the reeds at the waters edge to feed to their young. So cute. But we had to keep moving. Today we unloaded our vans at our storage facility. We got some great images of our finds which I will hopefully post tomorrow.


  1. wow girls, some beautiful finds and pictures... can't wait for it to all arrive and the "fun" job of unpacking it all! I am not seeing where all the hard work you two are always complaining about comes into it, hmmm.
    love rach x

  2. well well rachel you havent unpacked a 40ft yet and you HAVE to unpack it this time missy!

    anyways, i do agree with rach with the hard work you two are doing. so jealous of the trip :( leave us in cold tassie x

  3. That bench and chairs are divine keep the pictures coming Love it all.
    Lynette :)