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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Find it in our antiques store!

Whilst pouring over a BBC Homes and Antiques magazine recently, I was amazed by how many items featured within its pages can be found in our antiques store...

Wonderfully informal dining room...mirror made from a reclaimed window. BBC Homes & Antiques February 2010, page 53

Victorian pine arched mirror, also from a reclaimed window. At the moment this mirror is in the garden room in our store, my favourite room!

Beautiful bedroom! Love the silk cushions. Check out the vellum suitcases in background, great to stack and for storage. I have some Asprey ones at home stacked on my chest of drawers.
BBC Homes & Antiques February 2010, page 48

Stack of vellum suitcases in our store, vellum hatboxes are particularly hard to find. The french ladder is now at home in kitchen - couldn't resist!
French glass cloche and mother of pearl opera glasses BBC Homes & Antiques February 2010 , page 42

French glass cloches in our store with found objects - coral, shell and deer antlers. The cloche at the back is huge.
The magazine also had riding boots with wooden trees, mule chests, large storage jars, jelly moulds and fruitwood bench seats. Of course, it does help that we travel overseas to find our goodies and particularly look out for the quirky and aesthetically pleasing objects. We leave for our next buying trip in a few weeks. We plan to post some photos as we go.


  1. Wow, those images from the BBC Homes and Antiques are great; I'm especially in love with the dining room! As I looked at the pics, I could see all the things in the BBC images that were also in your store - clearly a *fabulous* selection is to be had :)

    PS Definitely post photos as you go - I for one would be *very* keen to see them (and will also be v. jealous!)


  2. Hi Katrina,

    There were even more images in the magazine which were great. We are quite inspired but British magazines whilst we are in the UK and hope to post some pictures of what is inspiring us. Also, of course, photos of very real discoveries abroad, the ones that will make it back home!