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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Agrarian Kitchen Cooking School - Desserts to Die For Masterclass

I recently had a most amazing day at The Agrarian Kitchen cooking school. It is situated in Lachlan, 10 minutes from my antiques store. The class was led by Alistair Wise, ex-Gordan Ramsay pastry chef, who has recently returned to Tasmania to share his pastry and dessert enthusiasm. The class was also overseen by Rodney Dunn who owns and runs The Agrarian Kitchen together with his wife, Severine. We made Alistair's trademark souffle in the woodfired oven and assembled the most amazing chocolate dessert, among other desserts. I can't wait to practice my new skills at home! And to impress at my next dinner party...



  1. Oh you lucky thing, I bet it was absolutely fabulous!


  2. Hi Katrina, it was absolutely amazing. Planning my next class...secrets of sourdough, or winter braising? My mum, sister and husband have all completed the pasta masterclass, and they all had fun doing that one. Tammy