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Sunday, April 17, 2011

touring the Cotswolds with a stop at Daylesford Organic farm shop

A church in one of my favourite Cotswold villages, Burford. Burford is best to visit during the week as the weekends see many visitors to this town. Early crooked sandstone buildings line the main street and house small boutique shops and pubs.
Our point of call for lunch was my favourite farm shop Daylesford Organic near Stow-on-the-Wold. I have written about this heavenly place in a previous post. It should be on every food-lovers' must-do-while-in-the-Cotswolds list...
The courtyard of Daylesford Organic is in itself a feast for hungry eyes with a potager and plant stand both overflowing with plants. Note the watering can in the above image...it is a Hawes watering can which are the best English make. I am always on the hunt for vintage examples of Hawes cans while I am here.
Our bag of goodies before we unpacked and ate in the sun in the courtyard. There is a restaurant as part of the farm as well, but we never seem to make it past the fresh produce, patisserie and cheese area!
Towards the end of the day I bought this French day bed as a future upholstery project...one day!


  1. Happy sunday darling....lovely post.....xxx.....nice that bicycle !!!...love Ria....xxx...

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  3. Very beautiful area.
    Hope your having a wonderful time.