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Sunday, April 3, 2011

iconic cafe and food store featuring antiques

French cafe chairs sit outside the entrance to Bill's cafe in the historic town of Lewes, Sussex. Galvanised tin bins are used for display in the front window. As I have mentioned in a previous post, tin is quite in vogue in the UK at the moment. I didn't have time to sit for a bite but I bought some fresh produce supplies for the road.
An old cart displays hundreds of oranges which are in season here.
Inside Bill's in the produce area old French picker's baskets are used to display fresh fruit. I have managed to find quite a few of these baskets on my travels which is great as we have all but sold out in the store.
A few doors along from Bill's another cafe with some antiques displayed in the window including a French cafe chair and folding bistro table.
There is no shortage of good food options in Lewes, across the road from Bill's you will find The Real Eating Company which stocks a lovely selection of cheeses. In the front window rhubarb forcers are displayed on baskets. I could easily have spent more time in Lewes. Maybe next time...


  1. what BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! so enchanting!!! Looks just like in a movie....thanks for sharing!!! Want to go there ;)


  2. Owwww wow...that look great !!! ...have a nice sunday darling...love love Ria....xxx...

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