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Saturday, April 9, 2011

attic sale and a French chateau find

Stone urns flank the entrance to the large estate of an "attic" sale that we attended.
Two Victorian period prams were up for sale...
And a gorgeous dovecote along with piles of windows...
A collection of birdcages were sold as one lot, but they were not in very good condition. Still, quite decorative.
We secured this French farmhouse table which was originally from a French chateau. My lucky stars were shining this day, it is such a beautiful table.
This dolls house is huge and covered another farmhouse table entirely. A little girl's dream dolls house (and a room filler!). Overall, I had some great finds...well worth the time spent rummaging. Just a shame the urns were not for sale!

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  1. That must have been such a wonderful day - sifting through gorgeous old treasures. LOVE that table!