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Saturday, January 8, 2011

antiques and interiors for decadent living

Decadent indeed! I love this dining room with the mix of opulance (crystal chandelier, French gilt mirror) and natural textures (linen covered chairs, pewter plates and washed timber table). Alex MacArthur, antique dealer based in the south of the UK, certainly knows how to put a room together...
The cupboard and the butcher's block to the left has heaps of character and warmth. Mixed this time with an industrial light fitting and stools. I could eat breakfast in this room every morning, no worries.
The collection of silver frames make an interesting display. She also uses found objects (antlers, shells) to decorate. My kind of decorator!
Another wonderful dining room with a gorgeous chandelier. I bought a chandelier on our last buying trip for our dining room. It is still in boxes...not for long though, these rooms have inspired me to unwrap each lustre and clean it until it sparkles. The mirror is wonderful too, as is the early table...sigh.
What a comfortable lounge room! The baker's stand is very, very similar to the baker's stand we have in store at the moment. I love to think of the stories a Parisian baker's stand could tell...all the quick pleasantries and exchanges between boulanger and client. In this room the baker's stand is a great feature against the wall, but also quite useful holding stacks of magazines. The coffee table appears to be a vintage gym apparatus. Another chandelier completes the room. All images from Alex MacArthur. Her store is in Brighton in the south of England and her nearby home doubles as a private furniture showroom where everything is for sale! If I get a chance on our next buying trip I will have to check it out. And report back.


  1. Oh definately report back!!

    Love all the images, but my favourite would have to be the first one. That wall colour, gorgeous! The chairs, yes I would like those, classic and the picture no. 3 with the checkerboard floors and that cupboard and next to it the wonky wavy top of the butchers block.....everything in fact is beautifully put together.

    WHAT!!! Tammy, quick run and get the chanderlier out of it's box, clean it up and take photo's for us to have a look at in blogland so we can oooohhhh and aaaaahhhhh...and all agree that you couldn't have picked better....lol.....

    Hope you've had a great start to your week. Will call in again soon.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  2. Hi Janine, thank you for your lovely comment. We are pompom making today for the baby shower, will take a picture when done. I hope you have a great week too...

  3. Wowwww...i am speechless....what a beautiful pictures !...i like the mirrors !!....i like all !! happy day darling....love Ria.....xxx....

  4. This is such a gorgeous post - filled with so much prettiness :) I think I agree with Janine - I adore the first picture as well (although all are stunning).

    Hope the baby shower goes well! I'm positive that with all your thoughtful planning it will go exceedingly well.

  5. Hello Tammy...thanks a lot !!! the magazine arrived !! yes yes !! ...i am so happy with it !!.....tomorrow i go read it....thanks a lot !!.....i send you a Jeanne D'Arc Magazine if you like !...please let me know......can you tell me....have you problems with the water???..it is teribble in your country...please tell me.....

  6. O no...to soon send it....happy day...love Ria...xxxx.....