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Sunday, January 2, 2011

new in store...spools, hat blocks, shoe lasts and (another) birdcage

The spool at the back is the largest we have ever had. It would hold a lot of string...
These spools are smaller and have a great patina.
We have just cleaned and put out a lovely collection of shoe lasts in the form of high heels, titled "Frenchy". They were originally made in America. The brass scissors are new in as well, but we may just keep these to use...
This birdcage is a wonderful colour and has a domed shaped top. It is on our front table in between some Spanish oil pots.
This hat block is called a "puzzle" hat block, it comes apart into four pieces.
These are some hat blocks on original stands. I promised in an earlier post that I would photograph these. They are all different in terms of colour, shape and patina. It is a very busy day here in the shop today, so I must get back to work!


  1. That big !! spool is so great !!!! i really like what i see here today it is on my wish list ......the shoe lasts !! and that great hat blocks !!! i like the little one at the back !!...but i think shipping cost to Holland are high ??!! do you know that ??? ....lovely day........love Ria.....xxxxx

  2. Hi Ria, I am not sure about postage to Holland, but I mean to send you a Country Style magazine, so I guess I will find out! I will let you know. Lovely day also, Tammy