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Sunday, July 22, 2012

new in store! cabbage and roses cushions and very very cute gift tags

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For a while now I have been quite a fan of Cabbages and Roses, an English based clothing, homewares and fabric store.  I am particularly drawn to their famous range of floral fabrics, usually depicting roses.  I think it is the muted tones and the country look that I like, they suit both formal and more relaxed settings. 

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The English fabric works so well on Louis French chairs as well as with shabby chairs such as these.  

Image from here

These cushions are available on the Cabbages and Roses website, and they also have a blog too! 

Whilst in a homewares store in Surrey, I happened upon a piece of Cabbage and Roses fabric in their roses and tulips design.  I couldn't resist bringing it home in my luggage to make cushions for the store!

The resulting cushions are now on a pair of French armchairs in our soft furnishings room.  There are two retangular and two square cushions available at the moment. 

The colours are beautiful, I love the soft blue colour of the background.  We have teamed it with a neutral linen and vintage buttons. 

And whilst I was away, Rachel was busy printing more gift tags and adding to our current range...

I adore her new butterfly gift tag, it is beautiful!

As is this cheeky squirrel eating a nut on a branch.  How cute! 

Rachel has also been busy creating these little gift cards including an envelope of hearts "lots of...love"

And "hugs and kisses" and "with love xxx" gift cards for loved ones. 

These are all hand pressed using our Adana letterpress machine.  There is definitely a lot of love in each card...


  1. Like the tags and pillows darling...lovely week...love Ria....xxx..

  2. Hi Tammy,

    I have a cabbages and roses book and often look at it. Their fabrics look beautiful. I love what you have done with the fabric you found! Your sister Rachel is very clever, love the tags, also love mine. Thanks you.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day despite the weather.

    Take care