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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Masterpiece antique art and design fair in London

We decided to give ourselves a "day off" and visit the wonderful Masterpiece London fair which exhibits some of the top dealers from around the world.  I was so excited walking up to the facade of the fair, which is actually just a pop-up tent, can you believe?  It looks like a Georgian brick three story building.

The red carpet signifies the prestige of the event.  I couldn't wait to get inside.

This was the type of antique I was expecting to see, Italian marble statues and the like.  And I was not disappointed.  There was also amazing furniture, art, vintage cars and plenty of jewellery stands (most of which with Cartier jewels from what I could see).  

But my favourite exhibitor was Robert Young who specialises in folk art such as this amazing Noah's Ark complete with animal figures. 

And I loved his French artists model displayed on an early table.

 And this folky figure.

I know someone in particular who would love this piece, which was described as a "fantasy temple" on a furntiure dealer's stand.

And lastly this horse made it into my favourite objects, it is a life-sized Indian horse and was just beautiful.  Masterpiece London was like a great museum the only difference being everything was for sale!  My splurge?  A cup of tea and a fudgy chocolate brownie...


  1. That horse is absolutely magnificent. I can only imagine how much it was worth :)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    A lot!

    And Janine, thank you for your previous comment, I am glad you liked the ice cream moulds, they are a favourite of mine, too!

    Take care, Tammy

  3. Oh wow how lucky were you? What gorgeous photographs. I LOVE Robert Young's pieces and he has such a great eye... Always used to enjoy looking in the window of his antique shop in London... X