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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

new in store...spools, twine, wooden skis and shoe lasts for little people!

There is just something about balls of twine, isn't there? Well I think so, anyway. Especially when you can get your hands on some quality twine like these hemp balls that have just arrived into the store. I have some similar twine on my kitchen bench at home (and some in the laundry, too) with some scissors propped inside the ball. Whilst I do use it from twine to twine (sorry, bad pun), it really is just there for looks. Take a look through your latest Country Style or similar magazine, I am sure you will see balls of twine throughout...
Hemp twine is so smooth yet textural...don't you just want to reach through your screen and touch it?
These antique rachet ended spools have only just come into store, too. We have put some jute twine around them so that they are ready to be used for the garden.
These spools are cute. They have old coloured yarn on them. And I like the brass ends. I would think these would date to around c.1900.
And these were the find of the week! Original old timber skis, they are 6 foot long!
Finally, size 8 and 10 shoe lasts for children. It is great to be back in the store working and waxing away. I have returned from our buying trip with loads of new ideas and fresh energy. I have many more photos to show you from my trip but I thought I had better first catch you up on what has been happening in store. After all, home is where the heart is and mine is firmly fixed in Tasmania.

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  1. Beautiful !!! .......it is good to be home.....isn't it ??...love from me...xxx...